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The Kardashians’ Flying Commercial Is a Sight to Behold

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After a short hiatus, the Kardashian family has reclaimed our Sunday night to teach us a thing or two about how tragic our family vacations are compared to theirs. And, if you’re anything like me, you’re ready to get lost in a past where the Kardashian family is frolicking in Bali so as to not remember that we live in a present where Kanye West is selling expensive church merch.

On this week’s episode the A-plot was Kourtny POOSH-ing Khloés buttons; our B-plot was the family’s trip to Bali; and our C-plot was the leftover Jenners in Calabasas. #LEGGO

Scene 3:

The stars of this future Emmy-nominated series treated us to another extravaganza featuring our favorite family trapped in a villa in a far away land. This year, that land is Bali. For the last six months, the word “Bali” has rung in our ears, from early media reports of the family’s trip, to teasers for the show, and then each mention of the trip that was crammed into the first two episodes. This episode has the family beginning its journey like peasants, flying commercial, taking up the entirety of United Airlines’ First Class cabin for an 18-hour flight to Indonesia. It’s the eve of Kimberly’s 38th birthday, and because it will mostly be spent in the air, she’s choosing not to acknowledge the fact that she’s a year older. United didn’t get this message though, so they’ve strung up “Happy Birthday” banners in the aisle and provided a cake and bottles of Champagne for the mile-high occasion. Even though Kim is never seen sipping on the sweet sustenance provided by the airline, we do see her son, Saint, wielding a knife to try to cut his own piece of cake in the galley.

While the toddler handles a knife just steps away from the cockpit, Khloé is frustrated with her job as a nanny on the trip. Before the family took off, Khloé expressed concern over flying so far and for such a long flight with True, and she’s so stressed she ends up being the only one who remains awake with True and her sisters’ children. In the dark, illuminated only by the blessed glow of a cabin overhead light, Khloé corrals the kids and plays games with them while Kourtney gets 15 hours of beauty rest. This scene was filmed on October 20, 2018 and October 21, 2018.

Scene 6/Scene 7:

In what seems to be an attempt at getting a Travel Channel spin-off, we’re treated to more and more and more footage of the family traveling to Bali. Don’t get me wrong, it is fascinating to see the family, which often flies private, struggle with the space constraints of commercial planes, but watching people board planes doesn’t exactly make appointment TV. In any case, once they are freed from their 18-hour journey, the Kardashian-Jenner-West-Webster-Thompsons wait in a lounge for their second flight. Kourtney, now rested, plays on her phone while Khloé tries to keep True from being yanked out of her arms by Mason. She’s used as a jungle gym for the younger children while their parents look on. Noticeably irritated, Khloé reminds her nieces and nephews that True is “just a baby,” in hopes that they simmer down now and find it in their souls to finally fall asleep.

As Khloé struggles with her transition into Mary Poppins, Kourtney, in her confessional, proudly tells the camera how amazing it is to travel with her kids now that they’re older. Khloé’s trying to hold her tongue instead of lashing out on Kourtney’s hands-off approach to parenting, because the sisters made a pact to not get angry with one another this trip. Once they’re on their final plane, Kim is greeted by more birthday decorations, and though Kourtney is not tired, she’s still not happy.

Looking through her makeup bags, Kourtney tells Scott and Khloé that her assistant is going to get a stern talking to, because she didn’t pack her travel cosmetics properly. Even though there was an inventory list of every item that should go in every bag, somehow Kourtney has too many lip liners and lipsticks that are too similar in shades! Pulling out each makeup item to really drive her point home, Kourtney then decides to email her assistant right then and there with her grievance. Khloé and Scott are mesmerized by her ability to get so upset by cosmetics, and Khloé tells her sister that she should just pack her own makeup bags. Kourtney snips that she hates doing it, and Khloé agrees that if you’re paying someone to do something for you they should do it properly. Scott, sits in silence, possibly praying that Sofia Richie doesn’t know how to count and identify colors as well as Kourt and that they will never face this same issue. This scene was filmed on October 21, 2018.

Scene 10:

The family has finally reached its Villa in Bali, and the adults sit down for a meal. Khloé is tired and frustrated that a crew member lied and told her True’s belongings were already situated in their room, when in fact they weren’t. She tries to relax, while Kim tells her sisters how excited she is for daily tea ceremonies and the chance to find some peace. Kourtney agrees, saying she wants to do some serious soul searching and mentions that Khloé should do the same. This sets Khloé off.

Khloé, already upset with Kourtney’s lack of help during the trip, is furious that her sister thinks she’s the one who needs some emotional help. She tells Kourtney that simply saying this is not “a good soul thing to say.” Kourtney tries to claim that she was joking, and mentions that she’s the chill one since Khloé got mad about her bags the minute they landed. Khloé tells Kourtney that she’s “on crack” if she thinks she’s chill, and at least Khloé got upset over something involving her child and not something involving her makeup bag. Still, Kourtney laughs this off, assuming Khloé’s anger is temporary or rooted in this one issue. As her sisters fight, Kim tells the table that she’s going to take a mental Xanax. Not a real one because the kids are there, but a mental once, which, okay.

Scott, looks on at the sisters, happy to be invited back into the family trip fold, and jokes that he “misses” their international bickering. After letting just a hint of her rage out on Kourtney, Khloé storms out. This scene was filmed on October 21, 2018, which we know because Khloé is still in her travel attire, and Kim’s hair is still bone straight.

Scene 15:

Not to alarm you, but while the Kardashian sisters and Scott are in Bali, life is still going on back in Calabasas. Left behind due to various types of work, lunches, and parties, Kendall, Kylie, and Kris Jenner enjoy a meal with one another. Kris tries to talk to her girls, who constantly talk over her as they breakdown the early 2000’s look Kendall wore at Drake’s birthday party the night before. Kylie loved Kendall’s look when she saw it in a video, but told her sister that the photos made her hair look “awko-taco.”

After they’re done dissecting Kendall’s costume, Kylie and Kris claim to be twins due to a set of diamond earrings. Kris was just gifted hers by Corey, and Kylie has been eyeing the same pair, but with a pink diamond. It’s beginning to seem that it’s impossible for the three women to speak to one another as a group, so while Kris and Kylie converse, Kendall hops on her phone to call her grandmother, MJ.

A few weeks ago, MJ felt disconnected from Kris, and now Kendall has called to tell MJ that she and Kylie took Kris out so she could get some break time from all of her distracting responsibilities. No, this doesn’t create any real bonding time for Kris and her mother, but Kendall follows up by telling MJ that she and Kylie will hang out with her a little more often. MJ loves this! And, so does Kris. She’s glad to share the responsibility of keeping MJ company. This scene was filmed on October 24, 2018.

Scene 16:

Back in Bali, a heavily bronzed Khloé attempts to have a nice conversation with Kourtney. Khloé’s trying to work out some scheduling issues she’s having with Tristan. He hasn’t seen True in weeks, and because Khloé agreed to do a Halloween photo shoot with her sisters, she has to stay in Los Angeles for one more day, delaying her trip to see Tristan in Cleveland.

Khloé says she’ll do the shoot, but tells Kourtney that she’s not excited to spend her Sunday in glam for an at-home photo shoot that’s just for Instagram. Kourtney tells Khloé that this issue sounds personal, and as she’s a “grown woman with a child,” she could have easily said no. Now Kourtney’s annoyed at Khloé’s complaints, and Khloé’s annoyed that Kourtney’s allowed to vent but she isn’t. They just aren’t seeing eye to eye, and each sister thinks the other’s problems are pointless. This scene seems to have been filmed on October 22, 2018, the sister’s second night in Bali.

Scene 17:

Taking a break from their villa, the family boards an old pirate ship / yacht for some light swimming and heavy Instagramming. In between Mason taking shots of his scantily clad mother on a ladder and Kim walking the literal plank for the ‘gram, the family enjoys the luxury of yacht life — a staple of any family vacation, Khloé mentions. Khloé’s got “no tolerance” for Kourtney and since they still aren’t on great terms, Khloé minds her business and generally hangs out with True while Scott, Kim, and Kourtney jump off of the yacht into the ocean. This scene was filmed near the beginning of their Bali trip on or around October 24, 2018.

Scene 24:

On the advice of her mother, Khloé asks Kourtney if they can have a chat. Kourtney agrees, and the sisters head to the beach for their reconciliation. Khloé acknowledges that when they try to communicate with one another, they both get defensive and she’ll try to be aware of that more going forward. However, she tells Kourtney that sometimes she doesn’t think before she speaks, or she’ll act both passive and passive aggressively. Kourtney says that it’s probably because she’s rarely paying attention, which is exactly what Khloé thinks, too. Khloé doesn’t think that Kourtney has any malicious intent, but by not thinking, her actions seem … malicious. Kourtney says she’ll be more present and she thanks Khloé for helping to raise everyone’s kids because it’s a “nice thing.” The sisters resolved their issues on or around October 26, 2018.

See you next week, Dolls! Check back next week for another #KUWTKE recap of Keeping Up With Khloé, the Nanny. #BALIBALL

The Kardashians Flying Commercial Is a Sight to Behold