The Only Good Takeaway From That Bari Weiss Profile

Bari Weiss.
Bari Weiss. Photo: ABC/Youtube

Vanity Fair’s profile of divisive New York Times op-ed writer Bari Weiss is, at its core, a puff piece, sympathetic to everything from Weiss’s identity as an ardent Zionist to her criticism of mass movements. Though there’s really not much to glean from the profile, other than perhaps a clearer understanding of why Weiss is, as Vanity Fair puts is, a “provocateur,” there is one takeaway that reflects well on Weiss: She has … really good taste in girlfriends??

Though writer Evgenia Peretz doesn’t go into great detail about Weiss’s personal relationships in the profile, she does shed a light on who is, to common knowledge, the columnist’s most famous ex: Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon. (Weiss doesn’t put a label on her sexuality in the profile — she instead says that she has “been in love with both men and women.”) Per the profile, the couple met at Columbia, where they had an on-again-off-again, years-long relationship, that has today turned into a friendship. But, “beyond that, Weiss won’t give details,” Peretz writes.

And clearly, Weiss’s controversial opinions haven’t prevented her from finding good partners. For the past year, Vanity Fair reports that Weiss has been dating New York Times tech reporter Nellie Bowles, who wrote a crushing takedown of pseudo-science peddler Jordan Peterson, just days after Weiss highlighted him as a member of the neglected “intellectual dark web.” (Would love to know more about this relationship dynamic!)

So … good for Bari?

The Only Good Takeaway From That Bari Weiss Profile