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The Ouai Has a New Travel Kit

Photo: Courtesy of Ouai

Maybe you have a nice tropical vacation on the horizon, or maybe the closest thing to a beach trip in your future is that palm tree wallpaper on your phone. Regardless, you can enjoy some beachy waves wherever you’re at with this handy little trio of bestsellers from The Ouai.

The Ouai combined three of their most popular (and best-smelling) products into one convenient travel pouch and dubbed it “The Easy Ouai.” There’s the Wave Spray, a very lightweight texturizing mist that only requires a few spritzes for that ultimate “beachy waves” look. It’s a pretty versatile product that you can use on damp or dry hair for added texture, or just concentrate on your roots for volume. The Air Dry Foam is like an updated mousse that you can scrunch into damp hair for wavy texture that won’t get sticky or crunchy, and lends itself really well to air-drying. Finally, there’s the Rose Hair & Body Oil, a silicone-free oil that can be used for extra nourishment on your body (hello, cuticles!) as well as for helping de-frizz your hair. And of course, it has a lovely rose scent.

The set comes in a translucent rose-gold pouch, and all of the containers are small enough to be TSA-friendly. Of course, if you don’t have travel plans in the near future, they’re also very gym-bag friendly. Either “Ouai” you can get beachy, good-smelling hair.

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The Ouai Has a New Travel Kit