Trump’s Response to Biden Is Somehow Worse Than Expected

Donald Trump.
Donald Trump. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

We all knew that Donald Trump would eventually respond to the numerous women who’ve come forward to say that Joe Biden touched them inappropriately, and that his response would be, at best, frustrating — but we never could’ve anticipated how truly deranged it would be.

Though Trump made some abstruse taunts about Biden at an event for the National Republican Congressional Committee on Tuesday, he did not address the controversy publicly until Thursday, on his preferred platform of Twitter-dot-com. Except, he didn’t really weigh in so much as expose us to a truly bizarre spectacle: a doctored version of the two-minute–long non-apology apology video that Biden tweeted yesterday, in which an animated fake Biden lurks in the background and even later creeps up to the real Biden from behind. “WELCOME BACK JOE!” reads the video’s caption, which has stupefied pretty much everyone who has had the great misfortune of viewing it.

I’m asking, earnestly: What the actual fuck is going on here?

To his credit, I guess, Trump didn’t waste his own time making the video. (Though if he was capable of doing such, I’m sure he would’ve — and that version probably would’ve been more inscrutable.) Instead, it seems that he saw it tweeted by one of his grown sons, who sourced it from a self-identified “memesmith” who goes by the name Carpe Donktum on Twitter. By the looks of his Twitter, he’s a MAGA enthusiast, and he’s clearly thrilled that Trump took notice of his, uh, work.

Consider this your daily reminder of how much concern Trump has for women.

Trump’s Response to Biden Is Somehow Worse Than Expected