Excusez-Moi, Has Anyone Seen My Pants?

Photo: vogueparis/Instagram

Sometimes you see an image that you know will stay with you forever. Today, Vogue Paris has produced one such photograph, of a woman on safari without pants. Few magazine covers are quite as thought-provoking, with a screeching howl of “Why no pants?” echoing above all else.

Arguably the role of a fashion magazine like Vogue Paris is the push the boundaries of how you can wear clothes. That’s one way to look at it. The model is an intrepid explorer who fearlessly goes into the wild wearing only a cable-knit sweater, a straw hat, knee socks, and nothing else. Ostensibly, it’s a “love letter to the first sunny days of the year where the promise of the coming summer begins to break through the winter clouds.” Well, sure, early spring is the best time to break out your sundresses and gradually reveal what has been encased by wool for several months. But while we may be ready to #freethenipple, it’s clear that #freethevulva needs some more momentum.

Excusez-Moi Has Anyone Seen My Pants?