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An Important Update on the Status of Meemaw’s Beer Cheese

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Thank you for joining us. As you know, we (“we” meaning the Vanderpump Rules and, I’m sure, beer-cheese fan communities alike) have been anxiously awaiting an update on the status of Meemaw’s Beer Cheese, the beer cheese from Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor loosely based on the recipe for beer cheese created by Brittany Cartwight’s meemaw. It now seems like we have that update.

We first got wind of the possibility of Meemaw’s Beer Cheese in the third episode of Vanderpump Rules’ current season. (Beer cheese, for those sadly unaware, is a mixture of beer and cheese and various spices, which makes a dip that you put on crackers. It’s good.) In the episode, Brittany and Jax talked about trying out different kinds of cheeses to mix with Bud Light in an attempt to find their perfect beer-cheese recipe. Would they be able to legally mass-produce cheese made with Bud Light as a major ingredient? They did not seem to waste any time with such frivolous questions; they had a beer cheese to create.

In the fourth episode of the current season, which aired in December, Brittany and Jax continued to talk about their beer cheese. They tried out recipes, Jax Googled, like, “how to start a business,” and they had a beer-cheese tasting for their friends, which went fine. It seemed Meemaw’s Beer Cheese was in our sights.

Sadly, things in the world of Meemaw’s Beer Cheese have been mostly silent since then. This is, of course, save for a few stray references, like how sometimes when he enters a restaurant Jax will say, “This would be a good place to sell the beer cheese.”

Today, we have an update. Finally. The news comes to us from “Page Six,” and it is coupled with an update on Jax and Brittany’s wedding plans. “I’m most looking to walking down the aisle and Jax seeing me for the first time,” Brittany says. “Because I’m going to make sure that we have the traditional way where he doesn’t see me all day long. I’m excited about that part.” Yes, I, too, would be excited about the part when I did not have to see Jax for the majority of the day.

Of the beer cheese, Brittany says: “We’re hoping we can get it in stores this summer.” Oh my, it’s almost this summer already!

“We’re trying to do everything right and by the book, so it’s taking a little bit longer but we’re so excited for it to come out.”

Too many beer-cheese proprietors play fast and loose with the rules of beer-cheese production, and I’m happy to hear Meemaw’s will be different. If it takes longer to come out — so be it! We will wait patiently. Here. Together.

It’s what Meemaw would want.

An Update on the Status of the Vanderpump Rules Beer Cheese