This Makeup Artist’s Inspiration Was a Ham Sandwich

Photo: CBS

Makeup artists find their inspiration everywhere — retro looks, uptown ladies, or downtown club kids, and the ever-popular “girl who stays out all night dancing with her friends and doesn’t wash off her makeup. But Brit makeup artist Jo Baker culled hers from her kitchen (and her empty stomach) for a look she recently did on Allison Williams.

Baker is known for pushing the envelope with her looks, most notably on Lucy Boynton, one of the red carpet’s biggest beauty stars this past season. To give us an inside look into her mind palace, she likes to post an image of her inspiration next to the final look on Instagram. Past references have included police tape, mid-century modern chairs, a VW van, and Band-Aids.

For Williams’s appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, she announced that she was inspired by a humble ham sandwich, with burnt toast. Can you see it? The char of the smoky toast quite literally led to Williams’s brown and black smoky eye, while the soft pink lipstick is meant to resemble honeyed-ham. Huh, suddenly I’m hungry. Maybe a Bologna palette could be in our future.

This Makeup Artist’s Inspiration Was a Ham Sandwich