How Does Game of Thrones End?

Photo: HBO

On Sunday night, Game of Thrones will end after eight long seasons of tricking a record number of people into being enormous nerds for a dragon show. It’s given us so much in its many years on the air: rich plotlines filled with endless machinations; boundless hotties; a healthy rotation of going-out tops; roles for multiple former cast members from the hit Danish political drama Borgen; a reason to mute everyone on your timeline on Monday mornings; and, again, dragons.

Before we say good-bye, five Cut writers predict how the finale’s going to go down.

“It was just a bad dream.”

Cut to Brandon Stark, screaming in his sleep. It’s present day New York City, 2019, and he’s in bed at home, having a nightmare. He wakes up, and his mom and dad, Emilia Clarke and George R.R. Martin, are standing over him. “It was just a bad dream, honey,” Emilia says. “Go back to sleep.” They kiss him good night, and he snuggles back into bed. But just as he’s about to close his eyes, we see a three-eyed raven land on the windowsill. Fade to black. “The End?” —Anna Silman

“Jon tries ayahuasca, then starts wearing those flowy pants European backpackers love.”

I can barely remember who’s still alive and who’s dead (except for Jaime’s bowl cut, R.I.P., I remain eternally horny for you) at this point, so bear with me: Daenerys claims the Iron Throne, but the Seven Kingdoms splinter when they refuse to recognize her as their leader. Sansa leans into her love of domme hardwear and opens the North’s first kink-positive sex shop with Brienne. Tyrion boards a swingers cruise to Dorne to enjoy a well-earned retirement with the rest of the Sand Snakes from the book. Tormund gets #MeToo’ed. Jon goes soul-searching, tries ayahuasca once, then gets white dreads, and starts wearing those flowy pants European backpackers love and quoting The Alchemist. Arya kills him for being too annoying. —Gabriella Paiella

“Drogon flies away into the sunset to live his truth (pottery).”

Here is what I know: The Game of Thrones creators have proved to us this season that they don’t care about things like “character arcs” and “seasons 1–7 of the show Game of Thrones.” So while I think Sunday’s finale will go something like this — Arya kills Daenerys because of the Red Witch’s prophecy; Jon will take the throne because, ugh, of course he does; maybe Sansa and Tyrion end up together in the North?; Tormund and Brienne Do It; and Drogon flies away into the sunset to live his truth (pottery) — there is a very real possibility all of the characters explode in a freak wildfire accident in the first scene and then the rest of the episode is a heavily pixelated graphic of a hand doing the middle finger, alongside the words “F*CK YOU, NERDS.” I guess we’ll see.Madeleine Aggeler

“She’s the best person for the job because she can make fire with her mind.”

Game of Thrones could only end in three possible ways. In one scenario, Jon Snow takes the Iron Throne. Or basically, it’s given to him after someone tougher (Arya, probably) defeats Daenerys. Alternately, the throne could go to Sansa, which I personally think would be better, because she’s smart and less whiny than Jon. But the third and best option, in my opinion, is that it turns out Melisandre didn’t really die when she took off her magical necklace, walked into a field, became the elderly woman she is, and collapsed. Perhaps someone actually put the necklace back on to her 400-plus-year-old body, and all of a sudden she’s back in fighting shape and ready to rule the kingdom. She’s the best person for the job because she can make fire with her mind, so I am rooting for her. —Lisa Ryan

“I would like for the finale to incorporate the island of Lost.”

I haven’t seen the past few Game of Thrones seasons, but I would like for the finale to incorporate the island of Lost. Winterfell, the Iron Islands, the island of Lost … it could wrap up a number of loose ends on both shows. In my recollection, the smoke monster of Lost was pretty similar to the situation with Melisandre back in Game of Thrones season two, for instance. I could see Jack and Cersei together. Maybe Kate and Jon Snow — both equally humorless, good-looking, and dirty. Also give Daenerys a polar bear, that would be cool. I bet she would like Sawyer, despite herself.” —Edith Zimmerman

How Does Game of Thrones End?