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Do You Know What Your Democratic Candidates Have Been Up To?

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Currently, 22 people have confirmed they are seeking the Democratic Party nomination for president of the United States in the 2020 election. Which of the statements below describe an actual candidate — and which do not? Was one candidate once in a band called Fragile Gang? Did another moon Trump Tower? Let’s find out.

Are These Real Descriptions of Democratic Candidates?

Calls themselves a “bitch for God.”
Once tweeted, “SPOILER ALERT: I’m a white man.”
Has been spotted at multiple Lids outlet stores.
Once allegedly threw a binder at a staffer.
Is named Tim Ryan.
Is a twin.
Once, unsolicited, rubbed their nose against the nose of a congressional aide during a political fundraiser.
Oprah refers to one as “Buttabeep, Buttaboop."
Has been endorsed by Ron Paul.
Once performed with a hologram of Tupac.
Is currently dating Rosario Dawson.
Once got me a pet snake for my birthday after I had repeatedly asked him not to.
Was once a member of a band called Fragile Gang.
Once asked children if they had ever seen cocaine on a public-access show.
Once compared themselves to the “guy in Tiananmen Square when he stood in front of the tank.”
Once owned an extensive collection of definitely haunted dolls.
Looks like a slightly-less-damp-but-still-kind-of-damp Ted Cruz.
Was a championship-winning college football player.
Once mooned Trump Tower.
Has a considerable collection of Chuck Taylors.
Has said they are “running to save capitalism."
Their announcement video was called "7,591 words," a reference to the number of words in the U.S. constitution, but not a very catchy name for a video.
Once blocked a woman from her ranch dressing.
Writes and illustrates books for their grandchildren.
Once murdered a groundhog.
Has said they could do better than all of these corrupt politicians in Washington.

Do You Know What Your Democratic Candidates Have Been Up To?