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If You Only Look at One Thing Today, Let it Be This Picture of Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum. Photo: @jeffgoldblum/Twitter

In these trying times, it is tempting to close your eyes, to move through world without witnessing all of its horrors — the hate, the violence, the slow physical decay of your loved ones, the bad tweets. (Is that what Birdbox was about? I never saw it.) But when you close your eyes to all of the bad, you also close your eyes to the good, to the love and beauty all around you, like a sunrise, or a smile, or this Instagram of Jurassic Park chest actor and noted daddy and daddy Jeff Golblum in a cul-de-sac wearing a Prada jacket, Prada sunglasses, and teeny tiny shorts the size of a whisper.

Goldblum posted the blessed image from his recent photo shoot with Dazed magazine on Thursday night. He captioned it, “ … don’t give up the fight!” and “#tbt #bts”.

Thank you, Jeff. Reenergized by this photo, I will not give up the fight. My eyes are open.

Let This Picture of Jeff Goldblum Heal You