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YouTuber Running for Congress Attempts Sex Math

Joey Saladino, sex-haver. Photo: Joseph Saladino For Congress

YouTuber and congressional candidate Joey Saladino has had sex thousands of times. Well, not thousands. But “deff over 1000” [sic]. This is according to a Twitter thread he posted on Tuesday, in which he boasts about how, despite having had all of that sex, he’s never impregnated anyone (“Pull out / Condom / Birth Control / Cycle planning,” he explains). But even if all that failed, he assured those following along at home he would be “prepared for the girl to get pregnant.”

Better known as “Joey Salads,” Saladino is a YouTube star with over 4 million followers across various social media platforms, who is known for his staged racist pranks and fake “social experiments.” In April, he registered as a Republican candidate in New York’s 11th Congressional District, and tweeted that he wants to use his “voice on Social media for good” (one of his videos is called “BUYING STRANGERS GIRLFRIEND with MONEY”). He also hopes to “give my home town Staten Island my megaphone, we are known as the Forgotten Borough but we will be FORGOTTEN NO MORE.” His Twitter bio says he is the “1st Youtuber to run for Office,” in his signature and seemingly random style of capitalization.

But back to the sex. After saying he had done it “thousands of times,” Saladino walked this number back slightly, thanks to some “quick math.”

Is that a lot? What was his math, exactly? How long has Saladino been sexually active? How long has he been in and out of relationships, and how many times have he and his partners “banged in a day”? Has he always been such a romantic?

Like any good middle-school math teacher, we asked Saladino to show his work. Unfortunately, his campaign has not yet responded to our request to see how he reached this number, though Saladino has bragged about his math skills before.

We are left, then, to do the math on our own.

First, let’s nail (haha) down the numbers. For the sake of not speculating about the sex life of a minor, let’s imagine Saladino lost his virginity at 18. Since he’s 25, this would mean he has been having sex for 7 years. While we don’t know precisely how many times Saladino has had sex (or, for that matter, what he defines as sex) he says that it’s “deff over 1000” and “easy 1K,” so let’s assume he’s had sex 1,001 times.

1,001 instances of sex / 7 years = having sex 143 times a year. This seems reasonable, I think. How many times is that a week?

143 instances of sex / 52 weeks = having sex 2.75 times a week. Considering the ebbs and flows of an average person’s sexual activity, this makes sense, and does not seem like a wild, John Mayer amount of sex. I am, therefore, inclined to believe Saladino’s claim.

Although he appears to be honest about his sex life, his proposed political platform remains terrible. In an interview with the Daily Beast, Saladino said he want to lower the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, he is vehemently anti-abortion, and earlier this week, he tweeted, “How do you prevent Rape? Carry a Gun.”

Updated: In an email to The Cut on Thursday afternoon, a member of Saladino’s staff wrote:

Joseph “Joey” Saladino was explaining the importance of taking appropriate preventive measures to prevent pregnancy, gained through a very large amount of personal experience in practicing safe sex.

The tweets were not specifically about how much sex he has had. Joey is energetic and full of vitality, and we can surely assume his passion and prowess extend to the bedroom as well.

YouTuber Running for Congress Attempts Sex Math