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Katy Perry’s Hamburger Outfit Led to Some Beautiful Moments

Katy Perry and Céline Dion.
Katy Perry and Céline Dion. Photo: DANIEL ZUCHNIK/GC Images

The 2019 Met Gala on Monday night was full of already iconic moments: Lady Gaga wearing four different looks on the red carpet (and shedding layers of clothing in the process), Céline Dion nearly confusing the theme of “camp” for actual “camping” (though we don’t blame her), and of course, Billy Porter being carried along the red carpet by six men on a pharaoh’s throne. It was (mostly) all sensational.

But some of the true magic of the night happened after Katy Perry changed out of her chandelier outfit (!!!) and into … a hamburger outfit. This costume change led to some beautiful moments that deserve a place in the Met themselves. Please, follow along on this journey.

First, there was the moment Perry actually changed out of her Moschino chandelier outfit and into her hamburger threads in the bathroom of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and none other than Jennifer Lopez walked in at that exact time. J.Lo, as should be expected, was cool as a cucumber and seemed completely unfazed by the bizarre situation unfolding in front of her. Fortunately, the entire encounter was caught on video.

Later, at The Standard’s Boom Boom Afterparty, Perry was greeted by Céline Dion. Together, they showed us the power of love (sorry, I had to …) when they gave each other a kiss on the lips (while Perry was still sporting her hamburger outfit). See the picture above, and memorize it forever.

Please, Katy Perry, wear this hamburger outfit again. We beg you.

Katy Perry’s Hamburger Outfit Led to Some Beautiful Moments