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Kris Jenner’s Boyfriend Has a Lot to Say About Monica Lewinsky

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It’s been a long two weeks away from Instagram’s favorite family, but much like summer’s heat, they’re back and hotter than ever. So, while we prepare to craft texts to send to all of our friends who have pools, let’s look back at what winter was like in Calabasas.

This week our A-plot was Corey Gamble’s relationship with the family; our B-plot was North West’s hamster; and our C-plot was Kourtney overstaying her welcome at Kendall’s. #LEGGO

Scene 2:
At Casa de Koko Khloé Kardashian takes two phone calls that set 50 percent of this week’s story lines into motion. With Everybody’s Favorite Best Friend, Malika, looking on, Khloé first speaks to Kris Jenner. Kris asks Khloé if the two of them can go to the desert, Palm Springs, for a little bonding since they haven’t had much one-on-one time since True was born. Khloé accepts Kris’s invite, telling her mother that she has very limited free time as she’ll be going to Cleveland to visit Tristan soon, and she’s only able to do that one weekend out of the month of November. Khloé also asks Kris if she can bring EFBF, Malika, as her plus one, since she, EFBF, and Kris all get along so well. Kris agrees.

Next up on Khloé’s production call docket is Kimberly West. Kim calls her sister saying that North just really wants to ride in a limo and is there any way Khloé can make that happen. Khloé absolutely can, she tells her sister, and in fact, she can make it happen the following day! Wow! Kim adds that North wants to also go to a live spider exhibit that may still be open, but Khloé quickly protests that suggestion. It’s one thing to take up her precious time teaching a young child how to Act for Reality Television, but live spiders? No, Ma’am. This scene was filmed on November 26, 2018.

Scene 4/Scene 5:
The “following day,” Auntie KoKo and her limo brave the rain to pick up a briefly smiling North West for their day of adventure. The child, made to wait outside of her home with an unseen caretaker isn’t shy about telling her aunt that she’s not excited for the day ahead. Even in the limo; North tells Khloé that she would have preferred a “white unicorn limo,” which is a note that didn’t reach Khloé before their day out. To make matters worse, Khloé thought it’d be a nice gift to treat North to a bowl of fake spiders, but again, the child refused them. Saying she would only want the real thing. Khloé thinks that all North needs to perk up is some junk food, so they hit up a diner. Offering her anything on the menu, shakes, fires, floats, Khloé is still not able to please North who says “no” to every food item she hears. With that Khloé and North park themselves at a booth, where Khloé admits to Ms. West that she thought her niece would be more excited about their adventure. North tells her aunt that the only way she’d be happy is if she got a hamster. Khloé is skeptical, but North tells her that a hamster is fine because her mom likes them, especially because the hamster will live in her room and not her mom’s. This is enough of an explanation for Khloé who immediately takes North to the nearest pet-store.

While de-limo-ing to get her hamster, North, confronted with the backside of her aunt, tells Khloé, “my mommy says you have a huge booty.” Khloé tells North that her mother isn’t one to talk. Inside, North and Khloé take a look at their hamster options, picking a smaller one and a castle cage for it to live in. Finally, North is happy. But, in the limo, North does tell Khloé that her mom will probably be mad that she’s bringing home a hamster. This scene was filmed on November 29, 2018, three days after Khloé told Kim she’d be able to hop in a limo “tomorrow,” on November 26.

Scene 6:
Once she’s home, North wastes no time inviting Kim to her room. She shows her shocked mother the small rodent her Khloé bought her, and Kim is horrified. It seems that North knows her mother doesn’t like small creatures, and giggles as she hands a rat’s distant relative to her, saying it won’t poop in her hands. During her confessional, Kim says that she cannot believe that Khloé would do something like this, buy another person’s child an animal. Not only does Kim not like the thing, but she also doesn’t have time to keep a pet alive (someone do a wellness check on Sushi, please!). Like the scenes before, this scene was filmed on November 29, 2018.

Scene 8:
After working a double shift at Cedars Sinai, Kendall Jenner heads home and is greeted with the persistent presence of her sister Kourtney, Kourtney’s kids, and their mess. Kendall offered Kourtney and her family shelter during the Woosley fires, but unlike the rest of the family whose returned back home after the evacuation was lifted, Kourtney has chosen to stay with Kendall, something Kendall can’t quite understand. For Kendall, it was fun the first few days, but now, she’d like to have back the peace and quiet Kourtney and her kids have so ruthlessly snatched from her. This scene was filmed on or around November 13, 2018 considering Kourtney’s green nails and Kendall’s Kids See Ghosts hoodie from a Kanye concert on November 11.

Scene 10:
At the now-occasional Rob Kardashian habitat and family compound that was once Kris Jenner’s home, Kris and some of her children have a conversation about Corey Gamble. But, before getting to whether or not Kris’s boyfriend is a transient grifter wreaking havoc on her life, Scott and Kris gas Khloé up, as she’s the first Kardashian to arrive. Amazed by her body, her locks, and her denim, Khloé pleases the duo by posing for them in a doorway. Things turn south, however, once Kourtney and Kim arrive. Kim tells the group that Kanye had recently texted Corey saying that the family didn’t know who he was and questioned Corey’s motives considering none of Kris’s family had met anyone in Corey’s. Kim does think that Kanye’s messaging could have been packaged better, but she and her sisters, and Scott agree with their sentiment. Kris, on the other hand, is upset that Kanye brought a ton of negativity into the space. And, she thinks that her kids shouldn’t be bad mouthing anyone around him because he’s liable to go off. Kourtney agrees, in part, saying that Kanye is just very paternal and protective of all of them, and that’s just the way he is. For the kids, they just think Corey is secretive and has ulterior motives. Khloé, in her confessional, claims that she thought he was only going to be around for a short period of time after her mom’s divorce. So, she didn’t bother getting to know him all too well, but he’s still here, and she feels he’s still a virtual stranger. This scene was filmed on November 16, 2018.

Scene 11:
Kim has invited Khloé over to look for North’s lost hamster. Per Kim’s orders, since Khloé bought the hamster, it’s her responsibility. So, while Kim’s away picking up North from dance class, she wants Khloé to find the creature before they return. Given an hour, Khloé roams Kim’s frigid home looking for North’s pet. What she doesn’t know is that the hamster is rolling around in a ball, and Kim knows exactly where it is (which is odd, considering it’s rolling around the house in a ball, meaning it’s not staying in one location). After searching every inch of the minimally decorated house, Khloé finally finds the hamster and FaceTimes Kim to prove it. Just this one exercise has taken its toll on Khloé who has vowed to never buy anyone’s child a pet again! Phew! Lesson learned! This scene was filmed on or around February 18, 2019, just one day prior to the news of the Tristan and Jordyn cheating scandal was made public.

Scene 13:
It’s finally time for Khloé and EFBF, Malika’s, Palm Springs vacation! En route the friends talk about how excited they are to spend time with Kris, and how excited Khloé is to finally take her body suit off, as it’s riding up in her vagina. Pulling up to Kris’s home, the duo notice that she isn’t alone. Whispering, they confer and confirm that Corey is standing next to Kris. Meaning, this girls trip has just turned into a nightmare. Unaware of the dark cloud he’s now cast on their evening, Corey stands alongside Kris as they wait awkwardly in Kris’s spectacularly ornate and child un-friendly entryway. Once inside, Malika and Khloé happily greet Kris and Corey, before retiring to their room to change clothes.

Once everyone’s dressed and ready, they all sit for dinner. Hoping to break the ice, Kris asks the gals if they’ve seen The Clinton Affair on Netflix. They haven’t, but promise to watch. Of course, Corey watched the film with Kris, and has an interesting takeaway. He thinks, that the whole scandal wouldn’t have been made public had Monica Lewinsky not told a co-worker of hers what happened. “Loose lips sink ships,” he says. Monica’s mistake of sharing a personal detail is why Corey isn’t as open with everyone as he thinks he should be. This, he says, is why he’s happy Kris watches “shit like that,” because it reinforces the idea that if you talk about “other people’s shit, it’s not cool.” He also thinks that people should keep his name out of their mouth because in the long run that could do more harm than good. As Corey continues to talk, he tells Khloé and EFBF Malika that people think he’s mysterious, but little do they know Corey’s “been so sacred in a lot of significant people’s lives, but he doesn’t talk about it.” From this, Khloé deduces that Kris told Corey about the conversation she had with the kids. This really pisses Khloé off. So, she and EFBF Malika get up from dinner and head to bed early. This scene was filmed on November 26, 2018.

Scene 17:
Kris visits Khloé at Kim’s to talk about Khloé’s behavior toward Corey. Sitting in a playroom, Kris questions why Khloé was so cold toward Corey in Palm Springs. Khloé explains that she was under the impression that it’d be a girls trip, so Corey’s presence threw her for a loop. Unaware that this was the case, Kris apologizes and said she should have asked, despite the fact that she owns the house. Khloé doesn’t want her mom to feel bad, so she tells her that, in the grand scheme of things, she’ll ride for Kanye harder and longer than she will for Corey. Simply because Kanye is her brother-in-law and she’s known him longer. Plus, Khloé feels like the family fills her with all of this negative information about other people, knowing Khloé’s the only one who will confront them, and then they get angry when she acts on it. I’m unsure how this fits into her attitude of indifference in Palm Springs, but, sure! Kris understands, but wants Khloé and all of her kids, to know that Corey isn’t going anywhere, and if they would just sit down and think that she deserves some happiness, maybe things would be easier for all of them. Corey has taken care of Kris like no one ever has, she says, and hopes that her kids, who can turn into “a pack of wolves,” will be kinder to him. Khloé promises that they’ll try. Like Scene 11, this scene was also filmed on or around February 18, 2019. Nearly three months after their trip to Palm Springs.

Scene 18:
Kourtney’s lease has finally run out at Kendall’s so she readies herself for departure. Before she goes, Kourtney gifts Kendall with vegetable oil (Kendall accused Kourtney of using hers), and a mug that Kourtney stole. Though Kendall was excited to see Kourtney and her kids leave, Kendall tells Kourtney that she and her kids should stay a while longer. No, Kourtney declares, as she thanks her sister and leaves. As the sisters struggle to keep straight faces about the situation, it’s clear that this scene was … spoiler alert: staged!!!!!! Kourtney’s Kids See Ghosts Reign and Saint birthday shirt is a hint along with Kourtney’s reckless Snap about “moving back in” with Kendall. All this to say that this scene was filmed on December 5, 2018.

Scene 19:
Hoping to make amends with Corey, Kim and Khloé visit him at Kris’s condo. He’s welcoming and Kim apologizes to Corey for Kanye’s text, admitting that she wishes things when down a bit better. Corey’s not too bothered anymore, and shows Kim that he’s even wearing Yeezys. Both Kim and Khloé tell Corey that their guards are always up, because when their father was dating, he’d be with women who were sweet as pie, and then he’d marry them and all hell would break loose. So, they want to avoid that same fate with their mom. Corey understands, and explains that he likes to keep his worlds separate. And, he tells them, his best friend and the woman who raised him recently died, so he has no one that important in his life other than Kris. With that, peace has been made, but to show Corey how serious they are about changing their relationship, the ladies reach back in their employment history and promise to organize his closet for him. This scene was filmed on February 27, 2019.

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Kris Jenner’s Boyfriend Has Thoughts About Monica Lewinsky