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What’s Up With Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jeans?

Photo: Christopher Peterson / SplashNews

Traditionally, Memorial Day Weekend marks the beginning of summer, but the season hasn’t really begun until Leonardo DiCaprio appears in public, aggressively enjoying warm weather. Leo is a shadow of himself in the cold, but as temperatures rise, his wardrobe and demeanor begin to change, signaling the start of joyful yacht trips, volleyball games, and Citi Bike rides.

On Monday, DiCaprio was photographed walking around New York City with his 21-year-old fashion-model girlfriend, Camila Morrone. The two had just returned from the Cannes Film Festival, where Leo played the role of Instagram boyfriend when he wasn’t promoting his own upcoming movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. After all that time wearing a tuxedo (24 hours), he was back to his usual uniform of a white T-shirt and jeans. Morrone wore a nearly identical outfit, but Leo added his own personal style touch by rolling his hems up to his knees.

This is not the way most people wear their pants, no matter the weather. You either fold the hems over a few times, as Morrone did, or fold them once to create one large cuff. Leo, on the other hand, seems to have scrunched his pants out of an immediate and furious necessity. Perhaps his calves suddenly got sweaty, or perhaps he got an iPhone Amber Alert about an oncoming flood. Either way, he did what he had to do.

Leo’s dilemma perhaps speaks to a larger sartorial issue men face each summer, which is that there’s no obvious middle ground between jeans and cargo shorts. What’s a guy to do in the week or so at the end of May, when it’s still chilly enough to require a jacket but warm enough that the sidewalks become a griddle? I have no idea, but if fancy men of the world are any indication, the answer is linen. Somebody please get Leo some linen!

Leo is a creature of habit, though, so perhaps this isn’t a one-step solution. He knows what he likes, and has cuffed his jeans in such a way before. Around this exact time last year (May 15, 2018), he was photographed doing the same thing — walking around New York with his girlfriend — wearing the exact same outfit.

It’s almost comforting to know that as the seasons change, and the world goes up in flames, two things remain consistent: Leonardo DiCaprio’s love of summer, and how he dresses during it.

What’s Up With Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jeans?