Amy Heckerling’s Daughter Responds to Chris Kattan’s Claims of Sexual Coercion

Director and screenwriter Amy Heckerling Photo: Walter McBride/Getty Images

The famously private director Amy Hecklering hasn’t yet commented on the allegations in Chris Kattan’s recent memoir that he was coerced into having sex with her during the production of A Night at the Roxbury, but her daughter Mollie is now speaking up.

Earlier this week, “Page Six” reported on allegations made in Kattan’s new book, Baby, Don’t Hurt Me, in which he claims that Lorne Michaels pressured him to sleep with Heckerling to ensure her involvement in A Night at the Roxbury. Kattan alleges that after he initially rejected Heckerling’s advances, Michaels called him the next day, upset that Heckerling was possibly going to back out of the project. He then allegedly told Kattan that Paramount wouldn’t make the movie without Heckerling as director and instructed Kattan to “keep Amy happy.” “Chris, I’m not saying you have to fuck her, but it wouldn’t hurt,” Michaels supposedly said in a phone conversation with Kattan.

SNL denied the allegations. “This did not happen,” a rep told “Page Six,” adding that the show was never contacted by the publisher to verify Kattan’s claims. Mollie then posted a statement to Twitter in which she recounted her memory of her mother’s relationship to Kattan. “I saw no evidence of her seeing, or even talking to Chris Kattan during pre-production; rather, she was working vigorously with Steve Koren every day to help improve the script,” she tweeted. “During the actual shoot, she and Chris became close and he would call our house EVERY NIGHT to talk to her for hours about how he felt like he wasn’t getting the best sketches on SNL. She and Chris started having an affair but, as far as I know, it wasn’t until shooting was well under way.”

She went on to describe how the relationship affected her mother’s well-being: “Chris told her that when he informed Lorne Michael’s that they were seeing each other, Lorne said, ‘What do you want to date her for? She’s so old.’ My mom spiraled into a massive eating disorder while dating Chris because she was insecure about their age difference, and then Chris ultimately went and cheated on her with Elisa Donovan who played Amber in Clueless and also had a role in A Night at the Roxbury.”

In a statement to Vulture, Mollie clarified her tweets, writing, “This is all kind of a mess and I feel bad for multiple reasons about it — especially since I am a die hard supporter of MeToo and definitely don’t want to seem insensitive to so many people’s accounts of sexual misconduct.” She added that her mother is an “extraordinarily private person” and that “she didn’t want to comment on this because she felt as though her responding would further fuel the story.” She also hoped that all of the involved parties would speak up: “I really wish Lorne Michaels would step forward.”

Amy Heckerling’s Daughter Counters Chris Kattan Sex Claims