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Pete Davidson’s Mom is Also His Roommate

On Saturday Night Lives Weekend Update, Pete Davidson made an appearance to update Colin Jost and all the viewers about his living arrangement. After the end of a couple of very high-profile relationships with celebrities, Davidson is keeping things a bit quieter now, because he’s got a new roommate.

“This year is going to be a special Mother’s Day for me,” Davidson said. “Because this year she’s not just my mom. She’s also my roommate!”

“Oh wow that’s great,” Jost replied. “So you’re living with your mom?”

“You don’t have to say it like I’m a loser,” Davidson said. “I know what people think. They see you on TV and magazines and stuff and they think: ‘Wow! That guy must have his own place.’ Nope! But it’s not like I moved into her house. I just bought a house with my mom. Like a winner.”

“I mean … I’ve heard of people buying houses for their mom,” Jost responded skeptically.

“Yeah I didn’t do that,” Davidson said. “If I buy a house I’m going to live in it.”

After the back-and-forth about the logistics of Pete’s new living situation goes on for a bit, Pete brings out his mother/roommate, Amy Davidson. Davidson’s mom wore a bright pink hoodie, which featured cartoon cutouts of her and her son’s heads, and matched Pete’s jacket. Precious!

Watch the full clip below.

Pete Davidson’s Mom is Also His Roommate