The Look Book Goes to Brunch at Woodland

The Flatbush Avenue restaurant hosts a weekend daytime dance party with chicken and waffles and bottomless mimosas. The long line to get in is a pre-party of its own.

Danielle Young, 34, video producer. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Have you been to Woodland before?
No. Well, yes. I’ve walked in there, felt unprepared for the display of ratchet-fun that was going on, and walked right out again. This time, I prepared.

How’d you prepare?
I’m in my 30s, so I did some stretches. Touched my toes a couple times. I needed to make sure I could bend over and twerk properly without pain.

What was the scene like?
Let me put it to you this way: It’s like a family reunion with all your sisters and cousins, and none of your moms are there. At one point, a song I liked came on and I pushed the table back so I could get up and dance. To be honest, my booty might have knocked over a glass of water.

Antonio Wright, 22, Williamsburg, public-relations coordinator. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

How many mimosas did you have?
Not sure. People were drinking gallons. The bathroom line was a half-hour long. But no one got too frustrated.

Nuyen Lynch, 31, Queens, flight attendant. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Natashia Sanchez, 31, Long Island, accountant. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Is it a special occasion?
My birthday. I’m here with my sister-in-law. I have a 1-year-old, so I’ve basically been locked up since my last birthday.

Markita Reddy, 25, Philadelphia, registered nurse. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Dyman Harcum, 22, midtown, student. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
India Stokes, 24, Philadelphia, freelance hairstylist. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Dami Kafi, 28, Harlem, business operations. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Lusy Guzman, 25, Boston, preschool teacher. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Susan Bello, 25, London, market researcher. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Did you meet anyone?
Some fraternity brothers. They invited us to play beer pong after. But by that time, we were far too tipsy. So we went back to our hotel.

Brittney Winbush, 26, Bedford-Stuyvesant, CEO. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Gabrielle Sims, 28, Philadelphia, social worker. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Is brunch like this in Philly?
Well, actually it’s different at the places I go to at home. They let you stand on the couches. Here, they don’t let you stand on the couches.

Malik Cleveland, 23, Washington Heights, associate producer. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Who’d you come with?
Some co-workers. We tried to talk about office stuff, but the music was pretty loud so it turned into twerking. From working to twerking.

Amani Dechalus, 23, New Rochelle, substitute teacher. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Nia Craig, 25, New York, sales assistant. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Jordy Oriantal, 21, Brooklyn, college student. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

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