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Reformation Makes Sexy Shoes, Too

Photo: Courtesy of Reformation

Props to whoever writes Reformation’s marketing copy because its shoe campaign slogan, “We want to touch your feet,” definitely caught my attention. Yes, it’s true, the sexy, sustainable brand Reformation has launched a new line of shoes, and they’re as slinky and cutout-filled as the rest of its clothes.

The shoes are almost all ’90s–early-2000s inspired. There’s even a pair of high-heeled flip flops. There are only two closed-toe options, a sweet little slide with a bow on the top and a pair of espadrille wedges. They’re all very cute, and would look just as good with a pair of overalls as with a feminine minidress. But they’re not just the equivalent of a bikini for your feet, they’re also sustainably made.

According to Reformation’s site, the shoes save an average of “52 percent CO2 emissions, 70 percent water, and 65 percent waste compared to most shoes bought in the U.S.” That makes sense, as most of Reformation’s sustainability philosophy revolves around emissions and water waste. Surprisingly, most of them are made with kid (goat) or cow leather, not a vegan alternative. A spokesperson for Reformation told the Cut that the decision to use real leather was for “design and aesthetic purposes” as well as for its longevity. The leather used is made with either a chrome-free or vegetable-based tanning process (not a chromium process, which is most common and worst for the environment). Finally, the leather is sourced from Gold Rated Leather Working Group–certified facilities. So enjoy your pretty new shoes and feel morally superior about it.

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Reformation Makes Sexy Shoes Too