Rihanna’s Creativity Is Stressing People Out

Rihanna. Photo: Getty Images, Courtesy of Fenty

On Monday, Fenty Beauty’s Instagram account posted a rather innocuous post featuring a glowy picture of their founder. “@badgalriri gave y’all a preview of something coming soon at our #SUNSTALKRBRONZER event … is y’all ready doe?? 👀👀,” it read. The majority of responders responded with variations of “yup,” “ready,” and “YES.” Others foolishly asked if it was a new album or new music on a beauty account.

Four days later, it turns out that the hundred thousand or so people who replied to that innocent post were not, in fact, ready. At all. Over the short span of 26 hours, Fenty Beauty proceeded to drop six new product launches: Vivid Liquid Eyeliner Trios (nine liners total), a vanity mirror and a hand mirror (two mirrors total), Poutsicle Satin Lipsticks (seven shades total), one new lip balm (with a doe-foot applicator), and one new lip scrub (in the shape of a stick). That’s 20 new Fenty Beauty products birthed after one sleep.

What started as giddy excitement quickly began to spiral into despair over the havoc Rihanna’s fertile mind could unleash on bank accounts:

Things were just as harrowing on Instagram.

And then there were these masochists.

Those who bypassed the pleading stage and went straight to strategizing their spending have pointed out that every new product (other than the mirrors, which are available now exclusively at Fenty Beauty) will hit Sephora on May 10, four days after its annual Beauty Insiders Event ends on the sixth. This onslaught of Fenty creativity is definitely RiRi’s retribution for every comment inquiring about new music.

Please stop asking her for another album on her beauty-related posts and beauty account. And Rihanna, please have mercy.

Rihanna’s Creativity Is Stressing People Out