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Tom Sandoval Gets Botox So His Hair Doesn’t Move (?)

Tom Sandoval. Photo: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

“It legitimately works. It’s not nice to watch, but it’s a real thing. It removes the top layer of skin and exposes the glowing new layer underneath.”

This is a comment on the r/vanderpumprules reddit under a post titled: “Does anyone know the legitimate reason why Sandoval shaves his forehead?” The question concerns a somewhat unconventional beauty method practiced by Tom Sandoval in Vanderpump Rules’ first season — taking a razor and shaving his forehead, not to remove hair, but to exfoliate. “It’s actually called Dermaplaning in the skin care industry,” the reddit comment continues. “I’m a licensed Cosmetologist and can confirm this as well,” says another guy. “I have honestly done this before.”

This is just to say that it’s possible Tom Sandoval knows something we don’t, with regard to somewhat unconventional beauty practices concerning the head. But does he get the more conventional procedure of adding Botox to his forehead, and his face? The Tom Tom minority stakeholder recently told the blog PopSugar that no, he does not. ”I personally just like the movement in my forehead. My eyebrows are a very expressive part of my look and my personality, so it’s just not something I really do.”

Instead, he gets Botox injected above his ears. This is in order to keep his hair in place, because, according to Tom Sandoval, it moves when his face does. “You know what, though, I have done it,” he said, of Botox. “Just above my ears … When I smile, my ears move up a lot and it keeps my hair from going over my ears.”

I would be lying if I said it didn’t break my heart a little to imagine Tom Sandoval smiling in the mirror, noticing his smile makes his hair go “over [his] ears,” whatever that even means, and deciding he needed Botox to fix it. His hair and ears are likely fine. But I suppose he does know more than I do, with regard to head-related beauty, and I respect his choice.

“I’ve done it twice and it lasts for a long time,” he said. Good for you, Tom Sandoval. Good for you.

Tom Sandoval Gets Botox So His Hair Doesn’t Move (?)