AOC Offers Fellow Democrats a Lesson in How to Be Online

Photo: Scott Heins/Getty Images

If Establishment Democrats knew what was good for them, not only would they listen to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, they might try to learn from her. But whether they like it or not, class is now in session.

On Saturday, the official Twitter account of the Democratic National Committee wrote a tweet so bad the entire United States of Very Online People came together in loud condemnation. How did the DNC do it? By combining a Beyoncé lyric (“Boy Bye”) with an opportunity for a new phone wallpaper (who would want this?): an incredibly superficial alternative to actual impeachment proceedings, containing the always-corny implication that the Democrats can be effective simply by not being Donald Trump. The tweet went viral. Critics are calling it “historically bad” and “an absolute masterpiece of a bad tweet.”

The post was, of course, the product of the social-media team and not the entirety of the DNC, yet the cloying attempt to brand party-line Democrats as a young person with friends recalls some of the Hillary Clinton campaign’s more out-of-touch moments, like the infamous “describe your student-loan debt in three emojis” tweet.

Never one to shy away from what interests the good citizens of Twitter dot com, Professor AOC tweeted in response to the Dems on Wednesday, “Someone didn’t go to my Twitter class.” It was the kind of tweet we have come to expect from AOC, an actual young person with friends.

On a related note, I would go to AOC’s Twitter class, and yes, I would lurk.

AOC Offers Fellow Democrats a Lesson in How to Be Online