Beyoncé Was Just a Little Miffed Last Night

Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Beyoncé and Solange’s mom, Miss Tina (real name: goddess divine Tina Lawson), has continued her work as our country’s finest Instagram filmmaker. Day in and day out, Miss Tina delivers her trademark corny jokes (sometimes even with a Bey cameo), gives us progress reports on Blue Ivy’s continued global domination, and gives us glimpses of the Carter family’s parties. On Wednesday night, she gave us a little look at Beyoncé, unfiltered: Miss Tina is playfully admiring Beyoncé’s hair growth — inches! au naturale! — even though Beyoncé would obviously rather she cool it. “Mama, that’s really annoying,” Beyoncé says. “I mean very annoying. Mama.”

It is a comforting thought that we are all stuck on this dying planet, loving our moms but also getting a little miffed at them. Greta Gerwig didn’t give us Lady Bird for nothing.

Update: We work hard but Beyoncé works harder! Miss Tina has removed the extremely hilarious and adorable video from her Instagram. Luckily, a fansite saved the footage, which we have swapped in accordingly.

Beyoncé Was Just a Little Miffed Last Night