Céline Dion Gets Herself Some Pants That Can Do Both

Just a pair of multi-tasking pants. Photo: AbacaPress /

Céline Dion, whom you may know from her bedazzled catsuit look, or from the Titanic theme, has got herself a pair of very versatile pants. Just look at them, being spacious and slender at the same time. One side for channeling Diane Keaton, or sitting in relative comfort during a long airplane ride; one side for showcasing a going-out top. These pants are a mash-up! These pants challenge the very idea of what pants should, could, be. And damn, these pants can multi-task.

The jeans, as you may already be aware, come from Ksenia Schnaider, a Kiev-based designer famed for her playfully deconstructed demi-denim — recall Bella Hadid’s jean-shorts-over-jeans look — innovations. Headed for the Cité du Cinéma, Dion paired Schnaider’s skinny-slouchy hybrid pant with a pink feathered ostrich top and fluffy stiletto sandals in a similar hue, a choice I personally did not expect but certainly applaud.

In 2017, winding down the Summer of Céline, Dion’s stylist — Law Roach — told the Cut that the singer’s style ranges between “over-the-top Madame” and “jeans and a T-shirt.” (“That’s Céline off-duty.”) I don’t know about you but I think we’ve found the perfect compromise between those two poles, an ensemble that’s equal parts whimsical and on-trend, and we owe it all to these pants, which can do both. Actually, much like Dion herself, these pants do it all.

Céline Dion Gets Herself Some Pants That Can Do Both