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That Time Liz Taylor Caught Courtney Love Trying to Steal Her Pills

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Courtney Love gave an absolute gift of an interview to Interview magazine, in which famous friends of hers asked Love questions about other famous friends of hers. The part where she calls the Kardashians a “Venusian fertility cult in the Valley” is gold. Michael Stipe asked Love to tell her favorite Elizabeth Taylor story, and she had two. In the first, she was ignored by Liz all night at Elton John’s birthday party, until Taylor came up to her, compared diamond rings, and said, “I’m bigger than you.” The second involves Carrie Fisher, Easter, and OxyContin. Fisher invited Love to Elizabeth Taylor’s Easter party, and the rest is history:

Carrie grabbed me and we snuck upstairs. As soon as we were at the Warhol of Liz Taylor, I started getting the shivers. I was like, “Fuck. This is gonna be crazy.” We got up the stairs and there was José Eber with his wig and his cowboy hat and he’s doing Elizabeth’s hair in the mirror of this ill-fitting, little bathroom. She’s got this Easter bonnet with all these artificial flowers on this beautiful, crazy frosted wig. I remember her eyes were so beautiful, but they were bloodshot. She looked at Carrie and said, “Hey. It’s fucking Carrie.” […] By the bed, there was a lot of medicine. I was really marveling, looking at the medicine and trying to suss if there was anything I might like. Then her hand hovered above my head. She was again wearing the big fat diamond, I want to say the Taylor-Burton. She took her hand and she clacked on my head really fast and she said, “Stop looking.” Then she went, “We like Courtney.” That’s it. That’s all I got. “We like Courtney,” with this diamond real heavy on the top of my head. She was chastising me for looking for Oxy.

What wouldn’t you pay to get knocked on the head with the Taylor-Burton diamond? Is there any cranial trauma more chic? I want Courtney Love to treat me like Elizabeth Taylor treated her.

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