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This Summer, Stick a Lot of Things in Your Hair

Hairstylist Justine Marjan is very good at this. Photo: justinemarjan/Instagram

The first day of summer technically isn’t until June 21, but Memorial Day Weekend happened so summer is here spiritually. That means it’s time to start going hard on summer hairstyles. Summer 2019’s hottest summer hairstyle is less about a particular style and more about over-accessorizing whatever hairstyle you choose to wear this summer.

The question is no longer should we continue wearing barrettes? (still yes), or should I start wearing pigtails? (also yes); it’s how many barrettes can I fit in and on my hair when it’s in pigtails? The answer is a lot. Like, in the double digits. It’s time to expand your boundaries beyond the double grade-school barrette or the single Blair Waldorf headband. Multiply everything by at least seven and then add anything else you can find that’s also shiny: earrings, wire, thicker wire.

After sticking that all in comes the second ingredient to pulling off this look: Do not think about how you’re going to get all of those things you just stuck in your hair out of it at the end of the day. Don’t think about all the unclipping, unwinding, untying, unfastening and untangling. Don’t think about the tugs, snags, and tender-headedness, and don’t think about how many strands will be dislodged from your head in the process. Just don’t!

Other than that, there really is no formula or method to the madness, but if you need somewhere to start, here are ten good ways to stick a lot of things in and on your hair.

If you’re growing out your bangs

If you struggle with making decisions

If you lose your safety pins fairly often

If you misplace your statement earrings fairly often

If you misplace your pearl earrings often

If you forget a lot of things in general and you’ve already tied a string around every finger

If you’ve always wished headbands went back-to-front instead of side-to-side

If you’re prone to flyaways

If you’re over barrettes now, to be perfectly honest

And if you can’t fathom waiting six more months to decorate a Christmas tree

Hot Summer Hair Trend: Sticking a Bunch of Things in It