Were Khloé and Tristan Even Together During the Jordyn Woods Thing?

Photo: Getty Images

A relationship is a fickle thing. It ebbs and flows and sometimes dries up without warning. There are levels to these entanglements. They sometimes require minor edits by glorified sources.

People reported on Monday that the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal — wherein he allegedly hooked up with his girlfriend Khloé Kardashian’s half-sister’s best friend, Jordyn Woods, earlier this year — was imbued with subtle gradations of longing and retreat, while it lasted. “When the Jordyn drama happened, Khloé and Tristan were not in a proper relationship,” the source said. “They had not been for weeks. They didn’t even spend Valentine’s Day together, which was right before he messed around with Jordyn.”

As we all know, Tristan and Khloé, parents of young daughter True, broke up in February, shortly before the cheating story came out and months before it would be aired again on the family’s reality TV show. People’s source says that none of this was as simple as it appeared to audiences. Despite the lonesome Valentine’s Day, Khloé reportedly hoped her relationship would pull through. “This doesn’t mean that it was completely over for Khloé,” the source said. “It was very difficult for her to find out about Tristan and Jordyn. But this is what made her realize that Tristan would never change. It was heartbreaking for her.”

This latest account is consistent (though differently expressed) with reports circulating at the time of the infidelity, which occurred on February 17, that Khloé and Tristan were already seeing less of each other. A source told People, “Khloé and True are happy in Los Angeles. They spend very little time in Cleveland, where Tristan is. She very much acts like a single mom.”

Khloé and Tristan Were on the Outs During Cheating Drama