Beloved British Cat Joins Anti-Trump Protests


Donald Trump’s state visit to London has given us a new wave of resistance heroes: The diaper-clad “Trump Baby” balloon. The boy who mowed a climate-change protest and a giant penis into a field. And now, Larry the Downing Street Cat.

For those who don’t have a running mental tally of every pet currently holding an international diplomatic position, Larry the Cat is the “Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office,” which is the official title bestowed upon the cat who lives at the British prime minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street in London. While there has been a mouser in residence at Number 10 since the reign of Henry VIII, Larry, a handsome brown-and-white rescue tabby, has only held the position til 2011, during which time he has apparently developed a staunch progressive agenda.

According to NBC reporter Bill Neely, the famous feline took up a perch under Donald Trump’s limo during the president’s trip to England and “refuse[d] to move.” Although it’s not clear whether Larry’s protest delayed any of Trump’s movements, he sent a message anyway.

Larry the cat …. welcome to the #resistance.

Beloved British Cat Joins Anti-Trump Protests