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Every Candle in This Collection Is a Sure Thing

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

I am well aware that scent is subjective. You might love patchouli, but it will have me running for the door, and I get that not everyone wants to smell like a fireplace like I do. That’s not just specific to the scents we wear; it holds true for candles, too. You might love firing up Diptyque’s Baies, but I will promptly blow it out and demand that we light Diptyque’s Feu de Bois instead. (LeBron James will back me up on this.)

But here’s the weird thing about this new brand, Nomad Noé Candles. There are five in its collection, and I confidently believe that each one is a gem (the packaging is very chic, too). The cedarwood and vanilla Dream isn’t too sugary, the neroli and incense of Rebel isn’t too intense, and I am pretty obsessed with the saffon- and rose-based Vision, even though I kind of hate nearly all rose-smelling creations.

A self-professed “global nomad” who lived in a dozen countries spanning five continents over the course of ten years, creator Corentin Hamon did perfume-making stints at Givenchy, Kenzo, L’Artisan Parfumeur, and LVMH. He recently moved to New York for love (aww) and set about creating Nomad Noé, naming each candle after people in history “whose story got lost.” I’m not sure how posthumously stoked I’d be if my story inspired a candle, only to have it named Editor. But tomato, tomahto. Or, in this case, rose, rosé.

Every Candle in This Collection Is a Sure Thing