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12 Pairs of Linen Pants to Get You Through a Heatwave

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I once overheard a man on the subway say, “85 degrees in the city is the same as 100 degrees in Palm Springs.” And I think it’s true: being overheated in New York might be more painful than being overheated anywhere else. As we enter late summer, it’s time to evaluate what will get you through those 90-degree, 50-percent-humidity, 100-percent-chance of hot garbage-smell days. The answer is linen.

But sometimes (like between 9 a.m. Monday and 6 p.m. Friday) you’d rather wear pants than a skirt or a pair of shorts. Enter the linen pant. We’ve rounded up 12 pairs that range from sharp and professional to the pair you’ll throw on when you must get dressed on the weekend. Shop them all below.

Slouchy, but with a slightly tapered leg to give you some structure.
Available in sizes XS–XXL.

These are as basic as they come. Pull them on and run to the bodega to stock up on ice.
Available in sizes XS–XXL.

These are a No. 1 new release for women’s pants on Amazon, so odds are you’ll see these pants around. The wide legs make them extra breezy — just make sure to heed the reviews and size up.
Available in sizes 6–20.

If shades of hemp aren’t your thing, these sunny marigold pants are a good alternative (especially since the color is ripped from the runways.)
Available in sizes 14–28.

The most polished pair of linen pants you’ll find.
Available in sizes 2–10.

These rust-colored cropped pants are begging to be paired with clogs.
Available in sizes M–XXL.

Between the dove print and the removable belt bag, these are the Gen Z linen pants.
Available in sizes FR 34–FR 40.

Complete with a stealth elastic waistband (it’s in the back).
Available in sizes 2–16.

Every sustainable fashion person I know raves about Elizabeth Suzann’s minimal designs, inclusive size-range, and quality fabrics.
Available in sizes XXS–4XL.

Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean you can’t also be on-trend.
Available in sizes XS–XXL.

On-sale Rachel Comey linen pants. What more do you need to know?
Available in sizes 2–6.

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12 Pairs of Linen Pants to Get You Through a Heatwave