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Yes, Adam Scott Is Very Intimidated by the Rest of the Big Little Lies Cast

With the exception of maybe Mitch McConnell’s social-media team, most people seem to think pretty highly of Adam Scott. But on Conan Wednesday night, the Big Little Lies star admitted that actually being in a cast that includes Meryl Streep does make him self-conscious. This wasn’t helped by an unfortunate mucus-flinging incident that occurred on set in front of none other than Reese Witherspoon. While he’s never addressed it with her directly (and even in this conversation still respectfully refers to her by her full formal royal title of “Reese Witherspoon”), Witherspoon seems like she’d be cool about it. She’s easily the second most chill person in the cast, while most chill goes to Laura Dern, because obviously.

Yes, Adam Scott Is Intimidated by the Big Little Lies Cast