The Look Book Goes to the Rockaways

We set up on Beach 69th Street to talk to the surfers, many of whom are there every morning, year-round.

Greg Angert, 21, Surf Instructor. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

How’s the day been?
Really weird vibes. First this 50-year-old woman who was taking a surf class broke her leg on her board. Then this lady came running down the beach asking if anyone had seen her daughter. And then after that I heard this other mom on the boardwalk screaming for help — her daughter was choking. I ran over there with a few of the Locals guys, Danny, Jose, and Eric. After a few rounds of CPR, she started breathing again.

Is this normal?
Nah, the energy is clearly off today. It wasn’t all bad: This kid Baki caught a really nice wave. But that other stuff — I was shook.

Thembi Hanify, 29, Art Director. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
José Cárcamo, 39, Pro Surfer, Surf Instructor. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Drew Burrows, 38, Experiential Designer. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Patrick Duggan, 47, Surf Instructor, Actor. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Do you have a favorite board?
One from Quiksilver. I met the VP of the company at a bar in the ’90s and told him I couldn’t afford one; a week later, one showed up at my door.

Sean O’Mara, 24, Construction. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Deanna Sheward, 35, Marketing Director. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Muhlisa Nazarova, 20, Finance. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Jess Zhang, 30, Art Director. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

See anything interesting today?
Dolphins. A whole pod, right up close. I saw a surfer come quite close to petting one of them.

William Wresilo, 32, Surf Instructor. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Luis Castañeda, 33, Engineer. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Do you come out in the winter, too?
Yes. You have to wear a 6-mm rubber wet suit, plus a hoodie and gloves and boots. So, needless to say, this feels nice.

Jack O’Connell, 12, Student. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Halley Farrell, 35, Operations Specialist. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Michelle Kim, 46, Video Editor. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Oscar Vazquez, 15, Student. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

How long have you been surfing here?
Three years. In the beginning, I’d get in front of the waves, which pissed the regulars off. I don’t do that anymore.

Frank Cullen, 57, Surf-School Owner. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Nick Bayse, 27, Chef. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Spencer Etchechoury, 26, Surf Instructor. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Mike Chin, 34, Surgical Resident. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

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The Look Book Goes to the Rockaways