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Glossier Launches Two New Glossy Lip Glosses

Photo: Courtesy of Glossier

Glossier’s self-proclaimed “Glossiest Lip Gloss” now comes in two glossier shades: Red and Holographic. Like Clear, the original cult favorite that was born in 2016, the two new wands glide onto your lips to get them super-shiny, wet-looking, and glossy, without referencing any of the other bad “gl” words (“goopy,” “gluey”).

While cult-favorite Clear is described as being “universally flattering” thanks to its crystal finish, Red gives your lips (and Michelle Obama’s) a sheer little something-something, while Holographic gives lips an opalescent, rose-gold shimmer that looks like its from outer space but still in tune with trends back on Earth.

Considering the vast majority of the Instagram population seems to want very shiny and damp faces this summer, the timing for these new glosses couldn’t be better. With a nice moisturizing touch of jojoba oil and vitamin E, these glosses are an easy way to make your Buttery, Glass, Honey, or Wet skin look even more wet, regardless of which shade (or lack thereof) you decide to go with.

Glossier Lip Gloss
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Glossier Launches Two New Glossy Lip Glosses