It’s Ken Todd’s Birthday and He Will Speak If He Wants To!

Photo: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

When you Google “Ken Todd birthday” the date algorithmically provided is August 24, 1957. Although the photo next to that date is of Lisa Vanderpump’s husband Ken Todd, that birth date is, in fact, the birth date of the English “footballer” Ken Todd, who is not Lisa Vanderpump’s husband. It is a helpful reminder to not always trust Google with important matters such as this.

Because our primary method of fact-checking has failed, we have no choice but to believe Ken Todd (Vanderpump-relevant) when he tells us his birthday is, instead, July 21. As such, we have no choice but to hear him out about whatever he wishes to sound off on through the Notes app, because it is his birthday (or was yesterday) (allegedly) and he will speak if he wants to!

In a three-photo Notes app series, Ken Todd honored his birthday by speaking out about a few different things concerning his wife’s social circle, primarily Puppygate. Puppygate, for those unaware, is the name given to a controversy spurred when Real Housewives of Beverly Hills member Dorit Kemsley adopted a dog from Lisa Vanderpump’s shelter and then gave it away. This ultimately landed the dog in a kill shelter. The Housewives cast turned on Vanderpump after the story ended up in the press, believing she planted it. She claims she did not, and took a lie detector test to help her case.

(Though I have never watched this flavor of Housewives and though no one asked: I am solidly on Vanderpump’s side.)

“There has been a huge amount of nastiness that has pushed my wife to the brink,” Todd wrote. “When, at a time in her life like this, she needed her friends!” (Vanderpump’s brother died by suicide last May; her mother died in June.)

Referencing Dorit and her husband P. K. Kemsley’s current legal troubles, which you can research for yourself if you must, Todd wrote:

“What really irks me is the hypocrisy of this whole matter. The very PUBLIC issues — lawsuits, over 50 million dollars of them, loans in default, rehab, business misdoings, bankruptcies — have all been swept under a carpet. Lifestyles paid for with other people’s money, I call bullshit!”

Todd is particularly upset that the Puppygate drama distracted from the 2018 passing of a resolution to end the dog and cat meat trade, championed by Vanderpump: “It disgusts me that the very fact that a resolution passed through Congress, in an attempt to save thousands of dogs worldwide, was brushed aside — years of our work was ignored as all of the focus was on just one dog.”

Todd also mentioned cast member Camille Grammar’s remarks about Vanderpump’s teeth, saying “To now attack her personal hygiene disgusts me.” He continued:

“I could put it out here that my wife’s breath is as sweet as she is as, I am the one who kisses her daily I should know. I am angry as it is a vile lie … Like so many other things that have been said about her.”

Oh, Ken! If only all of the Housewife husbands would be so kind as to publicly declare their wife’s breath sweet. “So it’s not just Good-bye Kyle that I want to say,” he ended the Note, referencing a viral campaign spearheaded by Kyle Richards that I will not get into but that I will say does seem to me like bullying, ” … it’s good-bye to all of the vicious nastiness … there I feel much better now. Happy birthday to me.”

Happy birthday to you, Ken Todd. And, of course, a happy early birthday to Ken Todd the footballer.

Lisa Vanderpump’s Husband Speaks Out About DRAMA!!!!!!