The Lookbook Goes to the Circle Line

On a hot June afternoon, we talked to dozens of tourists as they disembarked from a three-hour sightseeing cruise.

Maree Dunn, 52, Australia. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Who’d you go on the tour with?
My mother and two sisters. We’re on our first-ever mother-daughters holiday. It’s been good. Really good. Well, a few quibbles.

Like what?
Three of us wanted to go see a Broadway show, and one of my sisters didn’t. She just would not see a Broadway show. We’ve been traveling together for almost two and a half weeks now. And we’re all staying in the same hotel room. The whole time.

Did you have anything left to talk about on the boat?
Oh, we actually all sat in different spots. I stayed in the back, one of my sisters was up in the front, my mother was on the inside, and my other sister took the other side. I do think we were the only group not sitting together.

Nicole Whitney, 57, Canada. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

What was your first impression of the city?
The first thing I saw when I got out of the cab was a Mount Everest–size pile of garbage. It was really quite shocking.

Aleah Meims, 16, Iowa. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Minh Nguyen, 67, Vietnam. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Lulú Dorado Huitrón, 40, Mexico. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Mark Andrews, 59, United Kingdom. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Carolyn Berge, 59, North Dakota. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Andrea Berry, 49, South Africa. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Billie Jo Herberger, 74, Arizona. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

How was the tour?
Delightful. It was so comfortable in there. We had a window seat, we had a glass of wine and some potato chips, and it was just perfect.

Oliver Cai, 11, California. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Ghassan Abdali, 21, Saudi Arabia. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Tamara Martin, 49, Australia. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Masatoshi Ohmae, 60, Japan. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Judd Herberger, 76, Arizona. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

What else have you done on your trip?
Last night, my wife, Billie Jo, and I saw Harry Potter 1 and 2 on Broadway. Yeah, that was an experience I wouldn’t repeat.

Weike Zhang, 23, China. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Maurice Bailey, 57, United Kingdom. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Suz Floethe, 71, California. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Bill Nguyen, 67, Vietnam. Photo: Kyle Dorosz
Tiffany Hargrove, 24, Las Vegas. Photo: Kyle Dorosz

Was this your first time in New York?
It was. My aunt said, “Hey, girlie, want to go to New York?” And I was like, “Yeah,” and now here we are.

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The Lookbook Goes to the Circle Line