Did You Know Louise Linton Is Filming a ‘Sex Thriller’ With Chuck Bass?

Photo: @louiselinton/Instagram

Here is a bunch of words that don’t seem like they should go together, but somehow do: Louise Linton, Instagram-disgraced wife of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, is filming a “sex thriller” with Ed Westwick (better known as Chuck Bass).

Here are some more words that also don’t seem like they should go together: Linton wrote, directed, and stars in the film, Me, You, Madness, which is about a thief, played by Ed Westwick/Chuck Bass, who robs a Malibu mansion, only to discover that it belongs to a serial killer, played by Linton.

According to the Daily Mail, Linton plays a “bisexual psychopath killer” who is “uninhibited” and “very carnal and confident in her sexuality.”

The only thing more overwhelming than reading all of that is writing, directing, and starring in Me, You, Madness. This week, for the movie’s wrap, Linton shared clips of herself on Instagram, doing her own makeup (“One of the challenges I face when you’re acting and directing in a movie, is not having time to sit in hair and makeup,”) and making room for her day’s storyboards in the trunk of her car.

MYM, as I’m sure we’ll all be calling it soon, started filming back in March, a few months after Linton brought back her Instagram, which she had made private after her much-criticized August 2017 post, in which she posted a picture of herself on a government plane, boasted about her #hermesscarf and #valentinorockstudheels, and berated a commenter for calling her #deplorable. In the intervening months, Linton and her team worked hard to rehab her image, telling various outlets that she was “super duper” sorry and a “bozo.” When she reactivated her social-media accounts in December, it seemed like she was pivoting her image toward charity work, but actually it was toward sex thrillers.

Below, some shots of what I’m sure will be my favorite movie.

Louise Linton Is Filming a ‘Sex Thriller’ With Chuck Bass?