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What Should Meghan Markle Name Archie’s Potential New Dog?

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There is always a lot of speculation — betting, rumors, pleas — around the naming of a new royal child. Will it be called Diana? Will it be called something like Henry? Or Richard? Will it be called, like, Louis? Or Victoria? Oh my God, who cares!

Less often (but still sometimes, admittedly) is there intense speculation around the naming of a new royal dog. And it is potentially time for that to change.

Have you heard the news? It seems Meghan Markle could possibly be, maybe, thinking of adopting a rescue dog for new royal baby Archie, if supposed confidants speaking to U.K. tabloid The Sun are to be believed. “Meghan really wants a dog with whom Archie can associate his childhood,” said a royal source. “Rescue dogs are a huge passion for her so the pull to adopt rather than buy a puppy is far stronger.”

Indeed, Markle is a supporter of the London animal welfare charity Mayhew, which rescues dogs and cats. And while living in Toronto, she had two rescue dogs of her own — Guy and Bogart. (She took Guy with her to London and left Bogart behind with friends, reportedly due to Bogart’s advanced age.) She and Harry adopted another dog about a year ago.

But what might Markle name Archie’s new dog, should she choose to adopt one for him, which maybe she will or maybe she won’t (though I do think she should, because I feel that helping children develop the sort of empathy that comes with learning to be kind to animals can help with developing empathy in general)? Let’s think. Hmm.

Archie II

We already know Meghan Markle likes the name Archie, and the II adds a royal flair.

Dog Archie

This will deter the pedants eager to tell Meghan that, actually, it “should be Archie Jr., not Archie II.”


This is sort of a “dog” version of Archie, if you get it.

Little Archie

This will be cute if the dog is bigger than baby Archie, and then it will be regular when Archie grows to be bigger than the dog.


This is similar to the idea behind the name “Arf-ie.” While it makes less sense than “Arf-ie,” I do believe it invokes the idea of “Barkie” while also rhyming.


It would be pretty cute if the dog had a more formal version of the same name, no? Megan?


This is my dog’s name.

Thank you. Please pass this document along to Megan Markle.

Is Meghan Markle Going to Get Archie a Dog?