Melania Busy With Important Business

Photo: @FLOTUS/Twitter

FLOTUS has some very urgent business to take care of in the White House — and that business is Christmas.

While Robert Mueller testified in front of the Judiciary Committee, other extremely important Capitol Hill dealings were afoot today: Melania Trump revealed that she’s hard at work in the East Wing of the White House prepping for the arrival of a foreign dignitary named Saint Nick.

You might be thinking, Hey, Christmas is at least five months away and also not that important, aren’t there other things one could do with their time and platform? In this case, probably not; we already know that Christmas is one of Melania’s two discernible White House causes. When she isn’t building a wreath made of pencils for her anti-bullying campaign Be Best, she’s building one for the Baby Jesus. Remember her spare all-white Apocalypse Christmas of 2017 that chilled to the very bone? Or last year’s jolly Blood Christmas?

“I’m looking forward to sharing our final vision for this unique tradition in the coming months,” she wrote on Twitter, although exactly how designing Christmas decorations that are put up every year in a 227-year-old building is a “unique tradition” remains unclear. Perhaps because she’s doing it when it’s still 90 degrees outside?

Here is Melania holding some crinkly thing and fabric swatches. Here she is looking at a piece of paper. Here she is talking to a man about Christmas.

These are the images of a woman who knows what her priorities are. Enemies of Christmas, just you try to get her to care about nearly anything else.

Melania Busy With Important Business