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Who Does Michael Bennet Sound Like?

Michael Bennet.
Michael Bennet. Photo: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

On the final night of the second Democratic debate, when Colorado senator and presidential candidate Michael Bennet parted his lips and started to utter approximately one word per minute during his introduction, viewers were stunned by the sound that came out.

This wasn’t quite like when we all first heard the voice of spiritual adviser and candidate Marianne Williamson, whose unidentifiable yet soothing accent left all of us perplexed during the first debate. The senator’s accent was even less placeable than the spiritual guru’s, and definitely less soothing. The noise that left his mouth was low and shockingly dopey, given he presumably walked onto the debate stage hoping to convince America that he should be our next president. And yet every time the camera was directed toward Bennet, a man who seemed to have crawled out of a Peanuts comic strip, America listened intently, pondering just one question: Who, exactly, does this indistinguishable white man sound like?

Much of Twitter took a stab at it.

This, however, is the correct response.


Who Does Michael Bennet Sound Like?