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Ryan Adams Begins Attempted Comeback Following Abuse Allegations

Photo: Christopher Polk/2016 Getty Images

Singer Ryan Adams has resurfaced online months after the New York Times published a report in which he was accused of sexual and emotional abuse by at least a dozen people. In a tweet, the singer appeared to address the allegations against him and to suggest he would soon be addressing them in greater detail. “I have a lot to say. I am going to. Soon,” he wrote. “Because the truth matters. I know who I am. What I am. It’s time people know. Past time. All the beauty in a life cannot be reduced to rubble for lies. This madness. My work was a map for the lost. Not a billboard. So soon.” He also posted a clip of a new song on Instagram called “I’m Sorry and I Love You.” The song was originally part of the track list for his latest album, Big Colors, that he unveiled in January, but the album was pulled once the Times article was published. Accusations published in the Times included allegations from his ex-wife Mandy Moore, singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers, and another female musician and fan who alleges she began receiving messages from Adams when she was 14 that allegedly became sexual in nature. The FBI reportedly began investigating those claims. Shortly after the article was originally published, Adams apologized, but also said it was “upsettingly inaccurate.”

Ryan Adams Begins Attempted Comeback After Abuse Allegations