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The Best Beauty Buys From Amazon Prime Day

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Today is no regular, somewhat disappointing summer Monday. It’s glorious, discount-filled Amazon Prime Day, which means it’s time to log into your Prime account and start furiously dropping way more things into your cart than usual. To help put some form of method to the madness, we’ve rounded up the best beauty deals. Read on for a chance to stock up on AOC’s favorite lipstick, a chip-free polish, and Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s favorite skin-care tool. You’ve made it more than halfway through the year — you deserve this.

AOC favors this long-wear lipstick (her exact shade is Beso).

The perfect way to pre-game Amazon’s upcoming season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. This new limited-edition collection of lipstick kits was inspired by the real-life Fire & Ice campaign by Revlon (the counter where Midge works), which debuted in the ’50s (Midge’s time.) It includes Midge’s favorite fuchsia shade, Cherries in the Snow (far left.)

The best French pharmacy makeup remover, used by Solange to clean her face, can arrive at your door in the click of a button.

Cut down on constant chipping without blasting your hands with UV rays with this gel manicure in a bottle. This year there’s a special discount on pairs, giving you the perfect excuse to finally try this summer’s trendiest nail trend.

Just as described, the Everyday Sunscreen is water-resistant, moisturizing, and lightweight.

Maybelline’s well-rounded, smudge-proof, wax-free wand made our best drugstore mascara list because it lengthens, curls, and stays on lashes, instead of melting off around them.

If you want to test for yourself whether castor oil works on eyelashes, once and for all.

There is a high chance that either you never wear your retainer and if you do, you don’t clean it as often as you should.

For when you’re sunscreen oriented but so lazy that rubbing seems like cardio.

These eye patches are an overall favorite of anyone who tries them and are cooling, de-puffing, and won’t slide down your face.

From $60

If you’re very dedicated to your teeth and have always wondered, “What’s beyond flossing?” now’s a great time to scoop up a Waterpik. It’s even more powerful than flossing, and many, many dentists call out the excellence of this specific one by name. Jonathan Van Ness likes it, too.

This potent retinoid used to be prescription only. Thankfully, it went OTC a few years ago. It’s great for beating acne and smoothing skin. If you’ve always wanted to see what all the retinoid fuss is about, here’s a good one to try.

Stock up now! The conditioning treatment which strengthens hair and preserves color comes lauded by celebrity colorists (and Kim Kardashian) as a “game changer.” We don’t know any platinum blondes who aren’t using this product.

Two things which many people swear by for “good skin” are finally on-sale.

Chrissy Teigen once said, “If you’re a hairstylist and don’t have Oribe in your kit, I don’t think anything of you.” She later admitted that it was perhaps the bitchiest thing she ever said, but she also wasn’t wrong. This kit contains two sizes of the most famous styling product ever invented, Oribe’s Dry Texture Spray.

The best electric toothbrush (allegedly also used by Beyoncé), which gives you the same “just cleaned” feeling you get from the dentist.

People un-hyperbologically state that this blow dryer is lifechanging. And there’s 7,000 Amazon reviews to prove it.

There’s no time like Prime Day to stock up on Marilyn Monroe’s favorite skin-care brand. Erno Laszlo’s best-selling two-step vitamin C peel not only leaves your face glowy and refreshed, it looks and smells like a delicious smoothie, which is what all products should aspire to be in the summer.

The reliable, durable curling iron is seen everywhere backstage at Fashion Week, because it’s inexpensive, heats up quickly, and creates curls that won’t fall.

If you’ve always wanted beach waves but have never been sure how to get them, this tool is for you. It gives you beachy hair with the press of a button. Clamp the end of one piece of hair, press the button, and watch as it rotates up to wrap your hair around the barrel. Stop when the iron gets too close to your ear. Release your hair from the clamp after a few minutes, and the result is one long, glossy, Gisele Bundchen–like wave.

Chrissy Teigen recently told People magazine that although she and John Legend share skin-care products, they each have their own hygienic Foreo LUNA exfoliating face brush, which shares a name with their firstborn. The cute pocket-sized version is perfect for summer travels; snag one for yourself and one for whoever you share a bathroom with.

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The Best Beauty Buys From Amazon Prime Day