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Am I on Acid or Watching the Cats Trailer?

Photo: Universal Pictures/ Youtube

Help. Do you know what’s happening to me? I think I’m watching the new Cats movie trailer. But I’ve seen Cats the musical before — you know, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s deranged fever dream about a community of street cats based on a T.S. Eliot poetry book written for children. Somehow this is even crazier; I’m watching a collection of very famous people in bodysuits and cat ears run around as if they are the size of actual cats, and I think my brain is melting out of my ears.

Is that Dame Judi Dench in a fur coat in front of a giant door? Is the coat also her body fur? Is a cat allowed to wear other another cat’s body fur? Is that James Corden diving into a trash can? Is Jennifer Hudson swinging on a chandelier? If the perspective has become realist, why are the costumes of the Jellicle cats still sexy spandex? And is it just me but are the cats still too small? Why do they appear to have human fingers? Will one of them actually ascend to the Heavyside Layer, where they will come back with a new life? Will this film portray cat death? I think if I see this movie, I will have a psychotic breakdown and yet maybe I will see it because “Memories” is such a dang good song. Can somebody just make sure I get home okay?

Watch the trailer below, and experience this trip for yourself:

Am I on Acid or Watching the Cats Trailer?