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Famous People All Say Rihanna Smells Really, Really Good

Photo: Images For FENTY

Rihanna is really good at being creative, really good at being really rich, and really good at being into cricket, so it’s not entirely surprising to hear that she’s really good at smelling good, too.

What’s slightly surprising is the number of other famous people who have smelled Rihanna and subsequently felt the need to publicly voice just how good she smells without being prompted. A very astute Twitter user assembled a thread of such instances that span as far back as a Ryan Seacrest tweet in 2015, as reported by

So, what does Rihanna smell like? A few things: “Heaven” (Lil Nas X), “heaven on Earth” (Nikkie de Jager), “good” (Cardi B), “amazing” (Nick Jonas), “really good” (Jennifer Lawrence), “lovely” and “a wonderful scent” (Nigella Lawson), “so good” and “like heaven” (Jim Parsons), “so good” (André Leon Talley), “amazing up close and from afar” (Matt Cardle), and “amazing” (Bahja Rodriguez).

It’s unclear if these individuals were smelling a particular perfume or cocktail of perfumes on Rihanna because not one of those descriptions is helpful. However, back in 2016, StyleCaster tracked down an Instagram in which, much to Rihanna’s dismay, this guy spills that she wears Killian Love, Don’t Be Shy, which smells like sugary marshmallow, vanilla, and neroli. On a similarly sweet note, in the T Style profile of the mogul earlier this year, Jeremy O. Harris said, “She smelled like cinnamon, bubble gum and the sea, her scent dominating the overpowering chocolate around us.”

Does Rihanna just bake a lot of desserts in her free time? Is everyone smelling Love, Don’t Be Shy mixed with the special, unique chemistry of RiRi’s skin? Is it just RiRi’s skin? Did she mastermind a Fenty fragrance years ago and start strategically hugging certain people with a certain public reach to amass viral marketing and hype for a fragrance you can’t wait to sniff even though you have no idea what it is or if it even exists yet? Only time will tell.

Everyone Confirms Rihanna Smells Really, Really Good