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The Glorious 86-Year-Old Joan Collins Is a New Face of Charlotte Tilbury

Photo: Charlotte Tilbury

Dame Joan Collins is back as a model. After sitting next to her at a dinner party, Andy Warhol once marveled that the Dynasty actress “did not have a line or blemish on her face.” She now appears in the latest ad for Charlotte Tilbury makeup looking pretty much the same.

Starring in the ad alongside Tilbury herself and Miss Fame, Collins shows off the brand’s new Airbrush Flawless Foundation, which comes in 44 shades. Collins posed for Playboy at age 50 and has her own beauty line on QVC called Joan Collins Timeless Beauty, but this is one of her first appearances in a major ad for a beauty brand.

Long celebrated as one of the world’s most glamorous actresses, Collins (who is also Cara Delevingne’s godmother) has a few beauty secrets she has shared over the years:

1. She loves avocados.

She has tried to eat one avocado every single day.

2. She thinks you should try.

“I think a woman should do everything she can to make herself look as good as possible.”

3. She wears SPF.

”The best advice I was ever given was to keep my face out of the sun.”

4. You are at your most beautiful now.

“If I could give my 20-year-old self a piece of beauty advice now, it would be to appreciate how good-looking you are — and know you will never look this good again!”

5. She’s a smoky-eye expert.

She still does a smoky eye and doesn’t wear jeans. “I always do a smoky eye, which gets smokier as the day goes on. But really it’s because I don’t like wearing much mascara. I hate jeans — I’m famous for that — but I also don’t like mascara.”

6. She moisturizes in the middle of the night.

She rehydrates at night. “If I wake up in the night, I reapply my night cream.”

7. She Loves Bobby Axelrod.

The Night Manager, I loved that, and now I’m really into Billions.

I also invite you to watch this 15-minute video of Collins applying her makeup on TV to a bare face. It turns out she was the first YouTuber all along.

86-Year-Old Joan Collins Is a New Face of Charlotte Tilbury