That’s Not My Husband?

Isla Fisher and Camila Morrone.
Isla Fisher and Camila Morrone. Photo: Getty Images

What a week it’s been for stunning back-and-forths: Elizabeth Warren pointedly asking all the moderate presidential candidates during the debates why they’re even running, Bernie Sanders skewering that one unidentifiable white guy over Medicare-for-all, and today, Isla Fisher telling Leonardo DiCaprio’s 22-year-old girlfriend that, contrary to her beliefs, Josh Lucas is actually not her husband.

On Friday, Camila Morrone posted an Instagram photo of herself and Lucas at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Grants Banquet, where they shared a podium — and where, presumably, they exchanged names. Below the photo, in which Morrone is making a shockingly large smile, she wrote an absolutely confounding caption.

“I’m really good at keeping my cool,” it reads. “@islafisher I am an embarrassing fan of your husband, what can I say!!”

Let’s pause quickly: Isla Fisher, who frequently gets confused for Amy Adams but is not the actress who starred in Sharp Objects, does have a husband, but it’s actor Sasha Baron Cohen, who is not Lucas. Lucas, who is an actor, is best known for his role in Sweet Home Alabama, which is not Borat. So, when Fisher saw Morrone’s jubilant caption, she left a succinct response: “That’s not my husband?”

What could’ve happened here? A few theories, going from most- to least-generous:

• Morrone has face blindness for white men, which would be totally understandable and, in fact, cool.

• She spoke to Cohen at the HFPA, and she really is a huge fan, but she didn’t get a photo with him, so she Instagrammed this one of her, which she liked.

• She meant to tag Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, though that would’ve been pretty weird, given she and Lucas divorced five years ago.

• She mistook Lucas for Matthew McConaughey and meant to tag Camila Alves, though that would’ve been even weirder than the previous theory, given she and McConaughey’s wife share the same first name, so I wouldn’t expect Morrone to get mixed up.

According to some defensive fans in Morrone’s Instagram comments, though, the real context surrounding the photo isn’t as fun. Per their account, Cohen introduced Morrone before she took the stage, which the 22-year-old was clearly very excited about — not nearly as fun as my last few theories, specifically the McConaughey one, which I’ve still chosen to believe.

That’s Not My Husband?