World Grieves After Dakota Johnson’s Gap Tooth Goes Missing

Photo: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images

There are many celebs known for their gapped teeth — Madonna, Lauren Hutton, Anna Paquin, and up until very recently, Dakota Johnson. However, it seems that Johnson has decided to remove herself from the esteemed list, as her signature gap tooth is nowhere to be found.

Since Johnson starred in her breakthrough role in 2015’s Fifty Shades of Grey, she had been known for her gap, and even demonstrated her “only skill” of storing various objects in her teeth for a Vanity Fair video back in 2017. She was able to fit a credit card, a twig, a cherry stem, a paper clip and $1,100 in cash in the gap. Now, she is left with absolutely no skills. What were you thinking, Dakota Johnson?

Could it be for a movie? (If so, how easy is it to bring a gap back?) Johnson is 29; could the gap just be on some kind of Saturn-return-affiliated rumspringa? Either way, fans are grieving the loss of the gap on Twitter, with many telling it to “rest in peace.”

Some are just straight-up pissed:

While it’s not clear when exactly Johnson got her gap fixed, it did appear to be still intact at the Met Gala in May. However, she might have already begun having dental work done on it, as it can take several months for a gap to properly close.

Like Johnson, there are other previously gap-toothed celebrities who decided to succumb to the quest for perfect teeth, like Zac Efron, Demi Lovato, and, recently, Jordyn Woods. But there are still plenty of others (like Madonna and Hutton) who ended up making their endearing “imperfection” part of their image. Perhaps Johnson just wasn’t down for making it a part of hers.

Anyway, it looks like fans are ready for a new star to take over the gap-toothed reins. It’s all up to you now, Alexa Demie.

World Grieves After Dakota Johnson’s Gap Tooth Goes Missing