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Epstein’s Alleged Madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, Has Been Found

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The world is looking for Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged accomplice accused of helping recruit and groom dozens of underage girls for the billionaire pedophile. Yesterday, she had reportedly been located — and not far from New York City, where Epstein died by apparent suicide in his jail cell on August 10. But the man she was supposedly living with is now denying that he knows where Maxwell is, so the search continues.

Maxwell, a former fixture in elite social circles, hasn’t been seen publicly in three years, adding to media speculation that she could be living abroad. On Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported that, finally, she’d been found, in the Massachusetts seaside town of Manchester-by-the-Sea. She was apparently staying with her boyfriend, Scott Borgerson, 43, a tech CEO who owns a company called Cargometrics, described as “an investment management firm that specializes in analyzing data on global shipping.”

However, it seems that Maxwell has decided to go west — and doesn’t seem too concerned with keeping that low of a profile after all. On Thursday, the New York Post reported that Maxwell was seen at an In-N-Out restaurant in LA.

Maxwell was sitting alone, with a dog, and reading, The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives. After her pic was snapped, she remarked, “Well, I guess this is the last time I’ll be eating here!”

With Epstein no longer alive to face charges, attention has turned even more urgently to Maxwell, and to Epstein’s other employees who victims say helped facilitate his crimes. Maxwell, a former girlfriend of Epstein’s, has been accused by several of Epstein’s victims of enabling him to meet with underage girls for sex in what amounted to a trafficking ring. She has also been accused of threatening victims with measures like withholding passports and phones. On Wednesday, one of Epstein’s alleged victims became the first to sue Epstein’s estate and his accomplices — presumably including Maxwell — under New York’s brand-new Child Victim’s Act.

The Daily Mail had photos of the colonial mansion where she was supposedly holing up, though no snaps of Maxwell herself. Borgerson, the article alleges, has been seen walking a dog described as Maxwell’s in Manchester-by-the-Sea and in Boston, where his company is located. A source is quoted saying that she has “become a real homebody, rarely ventures out. She’s the antithesis of the woman who traveled extensively and partied constantly with Epstein.”

Now Borgerson has told the New York Post that he came home from a trip abroad yesterday shocked to find a police escort waiting for him — and that Maxwell is not living there. “I am not dating Ghislaine, I’m home alone with my cat,” he said. “She’s not here, I have no idea where she is … Nobody wants to be close to this radioactive situation. I’m just an Ocean policy person, I was serving my country in the military and then I’ve been busy working hard — I’m an ethical person with a good reputation and integrity.”

Borgerson is also claiming that the dog he’s been spotted walking is his own, “Secretary Hamilton.” But he refused to say whether or not Maxwell had ever stayed with him in the past. NBC News reported that a property manager “of a nearby parcel of land” said that Maxwell had been seen living there as recently as two weeks ago. The Post heard from a source that she had been seen in London “over the past month.”

Maxwell has previously denied any wrongdoing regarding Epstein’s criminal behavior. But Attorney General William Barr, who is leading a federal investigation with the Justice Department, said this week that the billionaire sex offender’s death will not release accused accomplices — including Maxwell — from scrutiny. If anything, she has lost leverage that she might have gained from potentially cooperating with law enforcement. Barr said that “this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with Epstein. Any co-conspirators should not rest easy.”

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Epstein’s Alleged Madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, Has Been Found