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Good Tweet, Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

You ever just, like … search “Hugh Grant” on YouTube and watch a bunch of the clips that come up? Interviews he’s done, compilations of scenes from his movies, whatever? And you sort of think of it as, like, you’re spending some time with Hugh Grant, listening to him tell stories, etc.? Hanging out? Just you and him, the most charming man alive and also so handsome? And if you’re being honest it’ll never matter how many kids or exes he has, you’ll always be willing to give him at least one more of each? Haha … ah, well … so anyway. Did you see his tweet?

Indeed, Hugh Grant shocked the world today with the fact that he not only has a Twitter account, but that he is very active and mad on it. Quote-tweeting a tweet from U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson, my husband Hugh Grant said “fuck off” and called him an “over-promoted rubber bath toy,” adding, “Britain is revolted by you and you little gang of masturbatory prefects.”

In a world once drowning in Donald Trump joke qualifiers — “anthropomorphic Cheeto in a hay wig,” “come-to-life glob of the fat they made soap out of in Fight Club, if you remember that part,” “major … like, orange guy,” etc. — it is quite refreshing to read a good one about Boris Johnson, from a man as charming as Hugh Grant, whom I love and to whom I am in fact married. An overpromoted rubber bath toy whose little gang of masturbatory prefects revolts Britain. Very good. We have no choice but to bestow on Hugh Grant the Cut’s coveted “Good Tweet Hugh Grant <3 <3 <3” award. Please find it below.

Congratulations to Hugh Grant.

Good Tweet, Hugh Grant