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Jeffrey Epstein May Have Forced Multiple Victims Into Marriage

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In a new lawsuit filed against Jeffrey Epstein’s estate, one of his alleged victims claims that he forced her to marry another woman who had a role in his underage-sex-trafficking operation. The victim, identified in the lawsuit as Katlyn Doe, says she was coerced into marrying the recruiter, known as “Associate 3,” in 2013. Since the woman working for Epstein wasn’t a U.S. citizen, he had devised the fake marriage scheme in order for her to stay in the United States to continue working for him. Now, it appears that Epstein orchestrated multiple arranged marriages.

In Katlyn’s lawsuit, she claims to have first met Epstein in 2007, when she was 17 years old. She had suffered from an eating disorder that Epstein told her he would cure, as the Daily Beast reports. Katlyn also required a crucial $20,000 medical surgery, which Epstein used as leverage to convince her to go through with the marriage. The suit states that Epstein’s “long-time New York attorney” had made arrangements for the union, which included “signing the necessary legal paperwork,” as well as photographs that would “give the appearance that the marriage was legitimate.”

According to the New York Post, Epstein promised Katlyn he’d pay her the money for her surgery after the two women had wed, however, he only paid her $10,000, promising the remainder once the marriage was terminated. The women, who had lived together at 301 East 66th Street, which is the building Epstein’s brother, Mark, owns, divorced in 2017, but Epstein never paid Katlyn the rest of the money. “Plaintiff was never paid the additional ten thousand dollars Jeffrey Epstein had promised to pay her for the marriage favor, nor was she ever able to receive the surgery that she continues to need today,” the suit said.

Katlyn also alleges that Epstein continued to engage in sex with her after she wed the recruiter, but when she turned 25 in 2014, she was considered “too old” for the alleged child rapist. She says Epstein stopped having sex with her, then evicted her from the apartment.

According to Business Insider, Epstein had arranged at least two other fake marriages for his own purposes. A source told the outlet that one of the marriages took place in 2013, between a U.S. citizen and a woman from Eastern Europe, and both women had been romantically linked to Epstein. They divorced just two months ago.

The identities of the women were not released, but Business Insider says there are photographs of them leaving Epstein’s home. An associate of one of the women said, “These were victims, too,” and that “they were psychologically manipulated.”

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Jeffrey Epstein May Have Forced Victims Into Marriage