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Jhené Aiko’s Face Has a New Job

Vegan Jhené Aiko in Kat Von D Beauty Vegan True Portrait Foundation. Photo: Kat Von D/Sephora

You may know Jhené Aiko as a few things: singer, songwriter, poet, owner of a very honest skin-care routine, PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2016. You can now add global face of a big makeup brand to that well-rounded résumé. This week, it was announced that Aiko is the new global face of Kat Von D Beauty Vegan True Portrait Lightweight Medium Coverage Foundation, the brand’s very first medium-coverage foundation.

Like Aiko, True Portrait is 100 percent vegan and capable of doing so many things. It gives lightweight, liquid-to-powder coverage, comes in 40 shades, contains a flexible “Elastic Essence” that bends and moves with whatever facial expressions you make when filling your camera roll with reject selfies, and gently sets everything in place with a long-wear “airy matte” finish.

All you have to do is give it a shake and a squeeze and you get the perfect everyday Goldilocks finish that gives some coverage, but not too much coverage. This photogenic model cat seems to love it, which says so much more than a product description ever could.

You can see what Model Cat loves so much about the vegan formula (other than the fact that its vegan, I’m assuming) next month. True Portrait launches online on September 2 at Kat Von D Beauty and Sephora and hits physical Sephora stores on September 20 if you want to meet it in person first.

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Jhené Aiko’s Face Has a New Job