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A September Issue That Speaks to Moi

Town & Country September cover. Photo: townandcountrymag/Instagram

Town & Country, the magazine of choice for those who use “summer” as a verb, released its September cover. I know, September covers, are we still caring about those? I hear you. But Town & Country’s, which stars Lady Kitty Spencer (Princess Diana’s niece), appears to be written specifically for Miss Piggy, the best Muppet and premier snob.

Town & Country is no stranger to fantastical cover lines. February 2019’s asked two groundbreaking questions, “Mommy are we rich?” and “Is exercise making you fat?” and also exhorted everyone to “just move to New Zealand.” September leans harder into the socialite vibe.

The big question for September is “Bourgeois? Moi? Fashion’s rich girl revenge.” Can’t you just picture Miss Piggy relaxing on a chaise lounge, asking Kermit to replenish her ice-cold Chardonnay as she gazes at photos of fashion’s rich-girl revenge? This is the representation she deserves. It’s unclear what exactly the rich girl is getting revenge on, but with Lady Kitty Spencer on the cover, I have my fingers crossed for something Hitchcockian.

Other cover lines include “Spiritual Snobs of Silicon Valley,” “Celebrity Death Etiquette,” and “102 People You Really Must Meet.” The latter refers to a fictitious dinner party that T&C put together, which includes Mackenzie Bezos, Virginie Viard, and Andy Cohen. Truthfully, the idea of meeting 102 people in one night gives me hives, but perhaps that just means I don’t have what it takes to be a T&C reader. They say print is dead, but if every magazine offered tips on “celebrity death etiquette,” it wouldn’t be!

A September Issue That Speaks to Moi